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Big love for The Desire Map

Jonathan Mead

The Desire Map is her best work ever … it’s incredible, life-changing stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

Geneen Roth Women, Food and God and Lost and Found

The Desire Map has such life and truth and passion; what could be better than re-aligning yourself daily with your heart’s desire?

Terri Cole

As a therapist, I make The Desire Map required reading for clients looking to take their lives and life satisfaction to the next level. This is a genius and profoundly effective guide to actualizing your deepest desires.

Hot Praise for The Fire Starter Sessions

Yvonne Bynoe Who’s Your Mama?: The Unsung Voices of Women and Mothers

“Danielle has a ‘real’ voice. She puts out her true beliefs without sugar coating ideas to placate folks.”

Gretchen Rubin The Happiness Project

“Danielle’s passion leaps off the page, and reading a few chapters of this book will ignite you into action.”

Martha Beck Steering By Starlight

“Danielle LaPorte is scary smart, yet so kind and practical that she kindles the fire in you without causing you to feel consumed by the flames…. Lean in and listen close. What she has to say is what our spirits need to hear.”

Applause for Danielle on Stage

Amy Cooper Program Director, Conferences for Women

Danielle spoke at our most recent Texas Conference for Women and received rave reviews from our audience. She is completely lovely to work with and we would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Ellie Gates Director, Management Effectiveness, Adobe | Learning & Development

Danielle challenged our women to provocatively redefine our relationship to goal setting.  Focusing on how we want to “feel” vs. what we have to do was a big frame shift, and one that I know is helpful to many women in getting clearer about setting goals that release their full power to succeed, including myself.

Leigh Mitchell Founder & President, Women in Biz Network

“I have hired Danielle several times to speak for Women in Biz Network, most recently at two national conferences where she served up authentic advice and witty wisdom to savvy business women. Her feisty style and sense of humour win over the audience and send them into a frenzy — which always results in a wild standing ovation. While hugely successful, Danielle is no diva and is a complete pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend Danielle for her rocking empire of books, products (which are always on my recommended lists) and awesome stage presence.”

Kind Words for Your Big Beautiful Book Plan

Sarah Selecky

“I want to offer writers the most distinctive, extraordinary advice and instruction that exists out there. And I only want to work with people who have sincerity, integrity, heart, and spirit. Danielle LaPorte is one of those people.

If you’re ready to put a book proposal together, if you’re looking for an agent, if you have an idea and you want to get it out there, try this program.”

Lisa DiMona Literary Agent, Lark Productions

“Danielle LaPorte is on the leading edge of what it means to innovate in book creation and marketing. After 20+ years in the publishing industry, the true strategy stars stand out–Danielle is one of them.”

Jonathan Fields Author of Uncertainty

“Those model proposals alone are worth a ton — I wish I’d had them when I wrote my first proposal.”

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