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I know you’re longing for clarity on your next thing. I know you’ve got some fears ‘n doubts that you need to cut loose. Babe, I’ve got you. I’ve pulled together all of the questions and practices that I use whenever I need a creative re-set.Free and Clear 2018

FREE & CLEAR is 6 weeks of guided introspection (with me!) to help you release what feels like a drag and home in on what feels like a YES… to help you fly towards your Next Big Thing with power and purpose.

FREE & CLEAR is part of our Desire Map Planner Program this year—because it’s so important to get clarity on where you really want to go (and where you really don’t) before deciding on your next step. If you’ve bought a 2019 Planner, then you’ve already got the FREE & CLEAR workbook, but you should totally join me to do this LIVE. I’ll be breaking down the workbook content for you (with you!), week by week. And I can’t wait to be your trusty guide.

Reset so you can start fresh

Six weeks of live conversations, reflection worksheets, visioning exercises, and a bit of music. Because… MUSIC. It all starts October 9, 2018:

Free and Clear Schedule Danielle LaPorte

And! I’ll be doing Instagram Live jams to cheer you on:

  • Live 1 | RETROSPECTION: Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • Live 2 | EXPECTATIONS & LETTING GO: Wednesday, October 17, 2018
  • Live 3 | WANT TO CHANGE: Wednesday, October 24, 2018
  • Live 4 | STOP DOING: Wednesday, October 31, 2018
  • Live 5 | GRATITUDE: Wednesday, November 7, 2018
  • Live 6 | PRIORITIZING PLEASURE: Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Join us live or do it at your own pace, but be sure to register to get all the worksheets emailed to you because I may bundle this up and charge for it someday…

Danielle LaPorte

I love to know what went wrong. On projects, in relationships, with my best-laid plans. Then I analyse the shit out of it.

AND I really love knowing what I did right… When I was in my heart, how our team got into formation, what choices were healthy. I also have to know what FELT amazing, nourishing, and affirming, vs. what felt like I was forcing it to work.

In other words, I love looking back. Not for too long and not with gross amounts of judgement. But to find clues to my next right step. Our desires and past experiences are full of manifestation code. And our here n’ now struggles, the micro and mega, have to be held up to the light so we can get… FREE & CLEAR.

Clarity is power.

Your loyal and retrospective cheerleader,

Danielle LaPorte





Danielle LaPorte

Free and Clear Danielle LaPorte

This is for sweet Souls feeling foggy about what they “really” want, as well as super-achievers who just need to take a deep breath, pause, and re-sync their ambitions.

Reflect. Re-set. Start fresh. I’ve got you.


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