What does “ideal normal” look like for you? Get your desires on the calendar.

Years ago, I up’d my life in a big way with this so-simple-it’s-radical approach:

Do less of what you don’t want to do, and more of what you do want to do.

I wanted fewer client demands, and more travelling for adventure and love.

I wanted to exercise my freedom to catch a yoga class or start a fire in the middle of the day.

I wanted space for … space. And lots of concerts.

And, most importantly for my sanity and purpose, I really wanted open chunks of time to create what needed to be created that day.

And then I got clear on my core desired feelings — which is revolutionary in and of itself. But it’s not enough to know how you want to feel — you have to make the time for your desires, you have to apply the clarity to your daily life. Inner meets outer. Spirit meets schedule.

Screenshot 2013-10-17 15.38.33This week’s DESIRE MAP FOR LIFE prompt:

Create an IDEAL NORMAL day plan.

We made a handy scheduler for you. Print it out, fill it with true desires and use it as a compass for unfolding your life.

  1. Re: “Ideal normal”.

Most of us have jobs and families, and we need to move our bodies and eat right. That’s NORMAL. So we’re not going for fantasy island day where the laws of reality don’t apply. A day of eating bon bons in Morocco is something you should make happen at least once in your lifetime, but not every day.

  1. Your Ideal Normal may seem next to impossible right now — that’s okay.

Ideal is aspirational. Aspire.

  1. Think about how you most want to feel.

For all you Desire Mappers — I’m talking about your core desired feelings. If you haven’t done the Desire Map program, that’s cool — simply ponder what you can fill your day with that would make you feel really, really great.

Ideal ebbs and ideal flows. You can get closer to your most awesome reality. Choice by choice, day by day. It may take a few months, a few years, but this the actual making a good life —

Commit to your ideals.

Last week’s prompt was: Create a “What I Trust” List. Instagram it with #DesireMap, post on your Facebook, or jot it in your day planner… just remember that your heart knows what it knows. Here are some of the amazing “What I Trust” lists that poured in…

Screenshot 2013-10-17 10.01.26

Screenshot 2013-10-17 10.03.29

Screenshot 2013-10-17 10.03.04

Screenshot 2013-10-17 10.01.44

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