Holidaze, holy days, and lightening it all up.

Ah, the holidays. Togetherness, twinkly lights, and… mass overconsumption, obligation, and so many opportunities for distraction. Most of us approach distraction as a time management issue—how we wrangle our to-do lists and goals. But here it is:

Anything that is not aligned with the True You is distraction.

Anything (people, parties, practices) that does not resonate with your deep heart… distraction.
Activities that pull you away from your true strengths… distraction.
Thoughts that do not sync with your deep trust… distraction.
Relationships that do not support your full potential… distraction.
All the opposites of your pleasure, your strength, your truth… distraction.

Distraction is inevitable. It’s essential, even, because we learn through contrast. Distraction is a gear that we grind to move forward. We’re focused, then we get pulled out (sometimes for years at a time), then we re-focus. That’s life.

The “royal practice” is to keep coming back to your heart. It can be demanding work—all the No, thank yous you’ll have to say, and the mid-course correcting, and the departures, and the courageous beginnings. Calling distractions what they are—not the Truth—makes us rulers of our joy.

So, this holiday season, pause… and get on with Truthing.

This December Desire Map Planner is for your joy. (It’s also the last complimentary printable Planner we’re planning to send out for the foreseeable future. So, get it!) Use this day planner to stay true to what’s most meaningful to you during this busy time.

This month’s Printable Planner includes:

  • An astrology guide for December—star power + your intentions = magic.
  • A special blessing to keep the light shining throughout the end of the year.
  • Desire Mapping prompts, #Truthbombs, gratitude prompts, and soulful journal prompts to help you stay connected to your core desires.
  • A choice between either the DAILY or WEEKLY layouts. Try both to figure out what fits you best.

True Love,

Danielle LaPorte






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Anything that is not aligned with the True You is distraction.
Calling distractions for what they are—not the Truth—makes us rulers of our joy.


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