How to let go… even if you’re hooked on holding on.

Danielle LaPorte Letting GoThere are two kinds of letting go…

Type 1: “Passive letting go”, whereby life rips it out of your grip, or things get so heavy that you HAVE to ditch them in order to carry on.

Type 2: “Active letting go” which is a little more… proactive. It’s a practice. It’s awake. It’s intensely empowering (even with a bit of agony in it).

Active letting go helps you shed the inessential, so that you can get closer to your source of vitality. And you don’t have to wait until you’re 100% confident about letting go. You’ve carried stuff long enough. Obligations, old promises, dreams that have lost their lustre…

In 3 days—on Tuesday, October 9—I’m starting a complimentary 6-week experience called FREE & CLEAR, and reflection and ACTIVELY letting go are a huge part of it. There’s old stuff we all want to shed… so we can free our hands and hearts to reach for what’s next.

FREE & CLEAR is 6 weeks of introspective exercises and LIVE hangout Q&As with me. And it’s complimentary. It’s important to actually register because even though anyone can join the Instagram lives, you only get the worksheets and encouragement emails if you register. So get yourself signed up. Our first day is this Tuesday. Register for FREE & CLEAR. (It’s free!)

Cleanse your mind, clarify your expectations. Regularly.
Take deep breaths. Often.
Move the heavy stuff and illusions OUT.
Make space so that what you want can ease on in.

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Cleanse your mind, clarify your expectations. Regularly. Take deep breaths. Often.
How to let go… even if you’re hooked on holding on.

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