Katie Henry

Health Coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga Instructor, Desire Map Facilitator, Author

Core Desired FeelingsJoy, Vibrant, Bold, Connected

Health, self-care, and The Desire Map are a perfect combination for success for any health coaching client. Adding it into my coaching has been the best decision I’ve made.

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Q: What does it mean to you to be a Desire Map Facilitator?

It is a true honor to be a Desire Map Facilitator. From a place of complete gratitude and devotion, I am able to teach many women how to shift their perspective, look deep into their soul and identify how they want to feel each and every day of their lives. It’s been a transformational process for myself and every one of my clients, workshop attendees, and yogis. As a facilitator, I am spreading Danielle’s message and adding my personal twist to it. The Desire Map is an essential first step for each and every one of my clients who want to transform their health. Once we get to their Core Desired Feelings of how they want to feel, achieving those health goals, lifestyle shifts and the self love are much more attainable because women are tuning into their soul and their deepest desires. I have found this is how people can make lasting change and shifts in their lives. As a facilitator, it is a precious gift to lead people on this life-changing journey of The Desire Map. I am able to live out my CDFs of Joy, Bold and Connected each time I teach someone about The Desire Map. I guide women to connect deeper into their soul and love themselves in order to connect deeper in all aspects of their lives…and that is JOY.

Q: Where were you, in life or business, before you become a Desire Map Facilitator?

I had owned my business for three years, been coaching for a year, and teaching yoga for about eight years. I decided to take the jump and become a Facilitator because it was an amazing way to bring all of my training and my work together. I also knew it would be a way to make me unique with my coaching. I knew how much The Desire Map helped me and I couldn’t help but share it with others. I was talking with a lot of my clients about The Desire Map and kept sharing the book and then realized….wait a second I can take my business to the next level in a way that was intuitive, natural, and a foundational piece of the health transformations I was hoping for all my coaching clients. Plus, this was a unique way for me to incorporate my yoga teaching into one of a kind workshops in Chicago.

Q: How have you used the Desire Map Facilitator Program in alignment with your coaching business? How do coaching and The Desire Map support each other?

The Desire Map Facilitator Program is in complete alignment with my coaching business. In fact, my foundational step for my clients is what I call Ignite Your Desires and that is where we go through The Desire Map process. I tried regular health coaching with my clients and got great results but when I do The Desire Map with them first they get faster results that last for a lifetime. The best part is that people learn to love themselves again and that is key in any coaching practice. Coaching and The Desire Map go hand in hand. I have some clients who just Desire Map in their coaching sessions, and others who have it incorporated in a longer program with me. I am also doing various group coaching calls and creating a community of love and connection. The Desire Map Facilitator Program and my coaching are a perfect combination and helps me live my CDFs even more and for that I am eternally grateful.

Q: As a health coach, how does health and self care work in relation to The Desire Map? Do these two ideas support each other?

Self care is essential to health and the Desire Map completely supports my work as a health coach. In fact, the Desire Map is the essential foundation of my work with my clients because we get to the core of why they really want to lose weight or get healthier. Once I have helped my clients with their core desired feelings, they are able to achieve their health goals and make true lifestyle changes. I have had many clients who have been stuck for years or have yoyo dieted for years and could not maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once they came to work with me and learned to identify their core desired feelings and love themselves first, they achieved their health goals and are still living a healthier lifestyle.

Health, self-care, and The Desire Map are a perfect combination for success for any health coaching client. Adding it into my coaching has been the best decision I’ve made.

Q: What is your most cherished memory of being a Desire Map Facilitator?

Just the other weekend, I was sitting down to have lunch with a women and just talk with her about The Desire Map. Guess who I bumped into at lunch, DANIELLE LAPORTE! I was planning on seeing her after lunch but it worked out before. Obviously it was incredible meeting Danielle but the best part was after when I taught the women about The Desire Map. She shared things with me she has never told anyone in her life. She felt safe and held and was able to dive deep in a short amount of time. She was so empowered to make shifts in her life and wake up each day asking how does she want to feel to achieve her desires.  One of the women who attended one of my workshops came up to me after and gave me a giant hug and thanked me for creating a safe space.

Q: What was the moment you knew you’d chosen the right path to become a Desire Map Facilitator?

The moment people walked into my first workshop. I could feel the energy in the room, the excitement and the yearning for a deeper connection. As I taught the workshop, it became effortless and flowed because it is a reflection of how I live my life. The best part of being a facilitator is that I am able to truly be myself and in doing so inspire others to do the same. It is more of a feeling than anything and being a Desire Map Facilitator feels like home.

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“The transformation happened when I got to the core of it. I put on this excess weight because I wanted to hide. I wanted to protect myself. I used my weight as ‘bubble wrap.’ Once I realized that my desire was to be seen, making the shifts with my health, my weight loss and my life happened. Thanks Katie for teaching me how to get to my core desired feeling of being seen…can’t believe the results! In fact, I had a stye in my eye for the past 2 years. It didn’t go away, but I was told it was not urgent, so not to worry about it. This week it actually fell off. I got to thinking about that, and I think it’s really interesting since we were talking about actually seeing myself again, and not being afraid to use my eyes to do that. Powerful. I thank you so much for helping me find my renewed strength and motivation to reclaim my body and myself.”

Katie R

“I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to Katie for creating a safe space for me. I really struggle with feeling self conscious in more classes or workshops but with Katie, I didn’t feel that way at all. It was the best workshop I’ve had in a very long time. I loved the chanting we did in the meditation after we wrote out how we wanted to feel. I got so much out of the whole experience and what a great group of women to connect with.”

Christine K

“I LOVED IT! I actually came in feeling really chaotic and left feeling so at peace.

I had never heard of Desire Mapping before and the class reinforced the power of writing down your thoughts and having a visual reference to guide you. My biggest takeaway was 60 minutes (or less) can make a world of a difference. I like to see the before/after so noting how I feel and how I want to feel before starting, then coming back to it afterwards was extremely effective for me. I really enjoyed how Katie incorporated the yoga practice into the Desire Map process. I was feeling low energy so it was enough to get my energized but not so difficult that I felt defeated and unable to do it. Katie’s passion, energy and presence made me feel at home. She’s very welcoming and reassuring. I will be back for more FOR SURE!”

Megan K

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