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“Being a Facilitator has given me a sense of freedom and choice, in the kinds of opportunities I say yes and no to. And I’m so grateful that it’s opened up the travel opportunities I’ve been craving, too.”

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Q: To use Core Desired Feelings language, how did it feel to be a Facilitator?

I feel aligned in my own power. I feel like a conductor for this sacred work.

I work primarily with women and I can tell you: women are ready for this! They’re hungry and primed for this kind of work.

That’s why it’s such a gift for us Facilitators to be able to bring this work to the people who need it most. We’re helping them crack open the shell, so that they can really shine in their glory. It’s the next level of evolution.

Q: Has being a Facilitator impacted your business?

Yes! Being a Facilitator has given me a sense of freedom and choice, in the kinds of opportunities I say yes and no to. And I’m so grateful that it’s opened up the travel opportunities I’ve been craving, too.

On the financial side of things, the Facilitator Program has been the battery charge that my business needed. I’m astounded at how much has changed in my life, in just a few short months.

Q: How did you find your workshop space?

After looking at several formal venue spaces, I was disappointed because none of them were feeling right. Next, I tried AirBnB and again, nothing was clicking.

Finally, a family member offered me her home and it was perfect! I paid her by creating a staycation experience for her at a luxury hotel for the entire weekend.

And actually, doing this work in the warmth of someone’s home helped amplify the feelings of intimacy and safety. So it was a perfect fit!

Q: How did you design / set up the space?

I took out a lot of furniture, so that each participant could easily see everyone in the group. This also gave people the option of stretching out on the floor, if that felt more comfortable.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted this experience to feel, both for me and for the participants. And it came down to one word: sanctuary. I wanted our weekend together, and the physical space we were sharing, to feel like a sanctuary. For me, that meant choosing items like:

  • Lots of candles
  • Even more flowers — about 10-12 bouquets
  • Incense (but only after checking that no one had a scent sensitivity)
  • Sage for smudging people as they entered, each morning
  • Signs on the front door, inviting the attendees to take a deep breath and center themselves in the energy of what we were about to create.

Q: What kind of support did you have? How did you choose that person?

My assistant reached out to me, asking if I needed help. I had to pray on that, actually, because I knew it’d be great to have support, but I didn’t want someone who operated like me (big picture thinker – not good with details), so I semi-interviewed her to help me decide.

I asked her questions about how she organized things, how she managed details and execution. Her answers felt in alignment with what I thought I needed, so I trusted that it would work out – and it did!

It also helped that she’s a midwife (I’m a doula) and she had a spiritual practice already – I really wanted to work with someone who was in alignment with the sacredness of what we were doing.

I waived her workshop fee in exchange for her assistance throughout the weekend.

Q: A lot of your attendees have described their workshop experience as ‘sacred’. How did you make that happen?

I begin each day with an hour of meditation to get grounded and centered. This practice helps me create a sanctuary where each participant feels held, seen, loved and supported.

My prayer before I start anything is, “Use me”. This anchors me in my truest intention being a sacred space of healing and transformation.

The next step is to create a physical space that reflects my intentions. This includes: Candles. Incense. Natural light. Fresh flowers. An altar. Offering each participant the opportunity to be smudged with sage before entering the space. I also open each workshop with a sacred West African ritual and incorporate other spiritual touch points all throughout the workshop.

Every aspect of our sanctuary is created with intention and love. Like Danielle always says, “It’s sacred because you say it is”. I am clear that my job is to let Spirit lead, to create the container for Spirit to come through. Everything I do is rooted in that place.

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“Our workshop was filled with unexpected and unexplainable connections.  We were sisters by the end, as we learned from each other’s experiences and drew on each other’s energy. It was a weekend love, healing and moxie.”

Brandi Buckman, Desire Map Workshop Participant

“I was surprised to find that the tribe of women I met at The Desire Map Workshop helped me to open up and go deep — really deep, really fast. There was no judgement, no suggestion of how to feel. Sharing in that sacred space was powerful.”

Twyla Dill, Desire Map Workshop Participant

“I do a lot and am successful at what I do. But the workshop helped me recognize that I’ve been stuck in survival mode – the joy in what I was doing wasn’t there.

Getting in touch with the feelings that drive what I do takes me beyond survival and into thriving, which makes life so much sweeter.”

Tracy Greene, Desire Map Workshop Participant

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