So…Let’s talk about your boundaries. For starters, do you have any?


My Dearest Powerfully Feminine, Probably In Need of Some Better Boundaries People…

I think at least half of every “problem-solving” conversation I have with my girlfriends is about boundaries. We give it to each other straight up: You need to re-work that contract. You need to just tell her no. You can’t let him do that anymore. Stop. We have ALL been on one side of that conversation.

Here’s the thing that I’ve learned (the glorious hard way) in the past few years…

Building boundaries is soul work, the key work of our lives.

Healthy standards of LOVE, and WORK, and morality, and generosity and on… are how we stay sane, and become more creative and alive and fulfilled. This topic is a very big deal and I’ll probably preach about it until my last breath.

This is incredibly important work to do for your wholeness. So it’s with the most emphatic heart that I say: Respect. Love. Freedom. PEACE. And Power. I think the Boundary Bootcamp can help you get so much closer to everything we long for.

Terri is kicking off her Big Beautiful Boundary Masterclass today (Friday Sept. 14th) and it’s FREE . In this live 90-minute masterclass with psychotherapist and boundary + love expert Terri Cole, you will:

  • Understand why drawing healthy boundaries has created stress, anger or frustration for you by uncovering your unique Boundary Blueprint.
  • Learn how to gracefully DISARM boundary bullies and repeat boundary offenders to establish respectful interactions and relationships.
  • How to gently and firmly put a stop to getting advice or criticism you didn’t ask for and do not want.

Tune in to the Big Beautiful Boundary Masterclass here

And then… tune into our hilarity and seriously searing wisdom on Instagram Live as we dive into Healthy Love & High Standards, Wednesday, September 19th at [12pm PST | 3pm EST] HERE. We’ll be getting into the topic of boundaries, like good girlfriends do, except that one of us is a licensed psychotherapist (that’d be Terri) and really knows what she’s talking about. The other one of us is just really opinionated. Boundaries and how to make them. Instagram. Us. You. xo

If you KNOW you’re IN for Terri’s upcoming 8 week Boundary Bootcamp private coaching course starting on September 26th then click here to grab your seat and her epic $200 off Early Bird deal. PLUS bonuses bonuses bonuses, including The Desire Map 2019 Weekly Printable Planner.

Boundary Bootcamp

And I’ll see you in there. I’m part of Terri’s Boundary Bootcamp offering, and ladies, we get INTO IT. Like we do.

To the work of our lives,






PS: This might be the ray of light for a friend in need… press share. xo

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Building boundaries is soul work, the key work of our lives.
Tune in! Healthy Love & High Standards, an Instagram Live with @TerriCole and @DanielleLaPorte.


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