Here’s what’s coming together...

I’m launching a year-long program. Support for simplicity, the sacred, SANITY. Monthly assignments, altar cards, audio Q&As. Prayers and mantras, balanced with all the profanity you could ever hope for. I mean, fuck. Just the right amount of shallow lifestyle and beauty stuff. And other delicious things that you will get in the MAIL. You can TOUCH it.

NO Facebook group (I’ll be trying to help you to live more and tech less). And NO videos to watch (because…get off your devices).

There will be music. Art. And…all of this is subject to change because we’re in the creative wrangling phase right now.

But! Make space in your pocket and on your calendar for the month of May. It’s happening. It’s everything I’ve been working toward for years but would never have predicted.

The program is called…LIGHTERRegistration opens April 24, 2018 and closes May 21, 2018 at 11:59pm PDT.

Enter your email below to get on the LIGHTER notification list. I’ll keep you updated and inspired without being too zealous about how incredible this is going to be.

You're in! Light the way!

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