Louise George

Life and Business Coach, Founder of Bodhi Babes, Desire Map Facilitator

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“This work is truly life-changing — for my workshop attendees, for my private coaching clients, and for me! I learn something new about myself every time I facilitate a Desire Map workshop, and I look forward to and honour being able to witness the incredible shifts the women who gather together go through.”

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Q: What does it mean to you to be a Desire Map Facilitator?

Everything. Really. This work is truly life-changing — for my workshop attendees, for my private coaching clients, and for me! I learn something new about myself every time I facilitate a Desire Map workshop, and I look forward to and honour being able to witness the incredible shifts the women who gather together go through. Beyond transformational. This is deep, soul-level expansion and life-time sisterhood friendships are formed every time. Deep, light, soul-nourishing, belly-aching laughter, cleansing tears, meaningful conversations, and a sacred container for whatever each person desires. I feel blessed and privileged to have this as part of my “work.”

Q: How have you used the Desire Map Facilitator Program in alignment with your coaching practice?

In every way. Clarity is one of the foundational cornerstones of my coaching practice, in helping to guide women to find their true selves and lead with heart and authenticity. I can’t think of any better practice than The Desire Map to guide them to re-discover who they are and their true desires.

Q: What makes Desire Map such a powerful tool for coaches?

The possibility for coaches with this process are endless. It has been a beautiful addition to my private coaching, running workshops, retreats, talks, and so much more. You can tailor it to any type of coaching, clients, or niche.

This work cuts straight through to the soul and can help anyone to gain more clarity, focus, ease and joy in their lives. Every single client I have worked with has had life-changing results — from leaving their jobs to create their life-long dream business to gaining more confidence and peace in their lives. What I witness is them being able to tune out the noise, connect with their intuition, and understand their true desires, so they can truly create the life they dream of. I cannot recommend this work highly enough as a beautiful addition to any coaching practice. I LOVE sharing this work!

Q: As the creator of Bodhi Babes, you blog, podcast, coach, and put on workshops for high-vibing women to help guide them in their lives and careers. How does being a Desire Map Facilitator support you in this work?

I have four cornerstones to my coaching practice, which I have come to understand and believe as the key to creating the businesses and lives we desire: Clarity, Mindset, Inspired Action, and Support.

In my experience and opinion, clarity is the foundation of a successful business and a joyful life, which is why it’s the first cornerstone for me. The Desire Map has supported me in guiding people to find clarity, to know themselves and to move forward with more ease — to set “goals with soul” and stop chasing after things that aren’t right for them. When we have inner clarity, we can make decisions from a place of alignment, with our truth, our purpose, who we truly are, what we really desire — and we can then be of much higher service in the world. The external rewards follow…the ones that really make us feel good and light us up. No more striving, pushing, forcing, only to reach our goals and still be dissatisfied, to set the next goal and the next, in the hope that that will be the thing that will bring us happiness. Happiness comes from knowing how we most want to feel first and setting our goals based on that.

Danielle hit the nail on the head with The Desire Map and the whole journey. I feel so supported with this work as my guide to help others tune in to their clarity. It’s a beautiful blend of the more spiritual, internal, feminine work, plus the more masculine energy needed to take the right actions.

Q: What is your most cherished memory of being a Desire Map Facilitator?

So many. I have fond memories of a three-day retreat I hosted in Sussex, UK, in November 2015 — this was a Level 2 workshop and yoga retreat. We spent the weekend in the most beautiful Georgian home. I could never have imagined just how heart-bursting, soul-nourishing, and magical it was. We sat by the log fire, offered our gifts for the altar and set the tone for our cozy weekend retreat.

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“The combination of Louise George — whose podcast I listened to and had been following on social media for a while so I had a good vibe from her even though I hadn’t met her — plus the Journey Dance and Yoga being taught by an instructor whose classes I’d already been to and who I knew had done Louise’s Desire Map workshop, all compelled me to attend this event. It all felt connected in the right way.

My experience was amazing! So wonderful. The venue was magical; we Desire Mapped in an amazing library that used to belong to the economist Keynes and there were incredible views of England at its best. Louise was powerful, gentle, kind and her facilitation felt solid, clear and grounding.  She made everything feel possible — not in an unrealistic way but in a believable way — even taking into account how my life was feeling before the retreat. Yoga and Journey Dance made for amazing partners for The Desire Map.

Feeling my Core Desired Feelings are closer than I thought — after a depressing time at work, etc. — it renewed me to feel they are close, and I can have fun moving towards them every day.”

Emily H

“I absolutely loved my experience! It was everything I expected and much, much more! Louise guided the process with such grace, kindness, and presence, and all the women participating, and the connections made between us, were amazing. The space was also beautiful, and all of these elements together helped create a safe, strong, and caring container for our experience, which at times went quite deep. Following the workshop, I feel renewed, centered, and connected, with a soothed heart, filled with desire! I really wish and hope that everybody gets to do this work…it does change it all.”

Stella S

“Amazing Desire Map Workshop with Louise from Bodhi Babes, identifying how I want to feel rather than what I want to achieve. Feel inspired and energized! Would recommend this to anyone going through a transition phase and needs a bit more clarity and direction.”

Meriel R

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