When someone asks me how I stay creative or healthy I say: I meditate. What’s the best way to get unstuck in your life? Meditate. Best piece of advice for someone just getting started in their career?…yup…Meditate.

Let’s pause right here. I know you may have tried to meditate and it felt like a mental straightjacket that your wandering mind was trying to bust out of. I know. Or maybe you’re a devout meditator and you know the power of tapping into that luminous space. I know.

The Creation Space Meditation. It’s a meditative experience and a vivid visualization. We layer in English mantras and an invocation so that these sacred practices move together as one vibrant organism. This is about basking in the energy of the Divine Feminine Principle to bring healing to your nervous system — feeding your energy bodies nutrients for equilibrium.

I practice this meditation a few times a week. It’s sensual and delicious and it gets even better over time. I use The Creation Space Meditation when I want to make something new happen — a better way of being, an idea that I want to bring into form. When my loyal body needs some healing, I get myself into the Creation Space and just…bask.






3 brand new audios from Danielle 
with the intention to bring the supple and generous energy of creation into your being. Including 10 + 20-minute audio versions of The Creation Space Meditation. Along with an introduction meditation theory (and cheerleading) audio from Danielle.






Including written formats + a meditation cue card 
(so you don’t use your digital device to refer to meditation how-to’s!). Suggested essential oils + body postures to further open you up to the nourishment. And journal exercises to deepen your practice.



The cost of the Creation Space Meditation Kit friend bundle is $35 USD, with $5 going to our charities fund!*



Meditation, especially when you bring in visualization, can be lush and sensual. In fact, that’s precisely the kind of energy that can make some meditation practices so healing and effective.

Here’s the vibe: Emerald green flowing nutrients. Lavish healing. Gracefully forming and effortlessly growing. Luminous. The intention is to bring the supple and generous energy of creation into your being. The Creation Space Meditation helps you tap into that Divine Feminine Principle that is eternally generating nourishment.

Physiologically, this meditation helps vitalize your Central Nervous System (CNS) — the pathway that carries signals between your brain and your spinal cord. The CNS influences thought processes, body sensations, and movement.

Psychologically, the Creation Space Meditation is for stabilizing yourself in disruptive times. In this space, you will be fully supported by the Sacred Divine Feminine Principle. So despite all that’s falling apart in the outer world, you are creating an energetic sanctuary that you can rest in. You’ll be finding equanimity while being nourished at the same time.

Esoterically, this is a sacred instrument for enlivening all the elements that constitute your “energy bodies” that coexist with your physical body: the etheric body (the blueprint/foundation), the astral body (water), the mental body (fire), and the intuitional body (air).



You can purchase one for yourself for $25 USD. Or get matching Kits for you and a friend for just $35 USD. Also, $5 from each kit goes to three charitable causes: Eve Ensler’s VDay, Charity: Water, and our disaster relief fund.

You might finally meet your meditation love-match. Come on over.

Meditation Kit



*Charity Details:
$5 USD from each kit sold is shared with three charitable causes:
1. Eve Ensler’s VDay, a global movement to end violence against women and girls.
2. Charity: Water, to bring safe drinking water to everyone in the world.
3. A disaster relief fund. We set aside one-third of the monies raised to be disbursed to local relief efforts if/when major natural disasters occur.

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