Meghan Neeley

Emerging Entrepreneurs Mentor, Desire Map Facilitator

Core Desired FeelingsWholeHearted, Authentic, Luxury

“The Desire Map is an incredible entry point to further coaching. It offered me a ready-made workshop to get started with, and it gives me a platform to speak from, complete with workbooks and a range of support materials for my clients.”

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Q: What does it mean to you to be a Desire Map Facilitator?

To me, being a Desire Map Facilitator means that I have the honor of being part of an incredible community of facilitators devoted to people living their lives in touch with their Core Desired Feelings and creating the lives they want to be living right now rather than somewhere out there in the future.

Q: Where were you, in life or business, before you become a Desire Map Facilitator?

When I took the leap to become a Desire Map facilitator, I had recently transitioned into coaching full-time, and I was completely relying on how many clients I could work with for my income. I put the license on a credit card and when I did, it felt like I was investing in myself, believing in myself and my business by choosing to spend that money in a way that would give back to me and to my clients. I could feel the fear, and I could also feel my full body say, “Yes, do it anyway” — and I’m so glad I did.

Q: How have you used the Desire Map Facilitator Program in alignment with your coaching practice?

The Desire Map Facilitator Program supports my coaching practice in three major ways.
1. I get to be an affiliate for Danielle LaPorte’s amazing products and earn extra income through spreading the word about my favorite books and #truthbombs as well as supporting other coaches to take the leap of faith and become a facilitator.
2. It’s given me a workshop to teach anytime, anywhere, that people are familiar with and excited to sign up for.
3. It’s often easier to talk about someone else’s program than it is to talk about our own and being a Desire Map facilitator is a win-win because it’s easy to talk about and I get to be the guide. More than half of my one-on-one clients have come in through The Desire Map, because it’s provided clients with a way to taste what it’s like to coach with me.

Q: What makes Desire Map such a powerful tool for coaches?

The Desire Map is an incredible entry point to further coaching. It offered me a ready-made workshop to get started with, and it gives me a platform to speak from, complete with workbooks and a range of support materials for my clients. It’s allowed me to meet many more clients thanks to the listing on Danielle LaPorte’s website. And it’s compelling to people because it looks at such a foundational question: How do you want to feel? Many people have never considered this question! Whether clients work with me one-on-one or in long-term group programs, they all have the opportunity to begin with The Desire Map, and it creates a common language right away.

Q: As a coach, you focus on helping women entrepreneurs find their own branding. How does being a Desire Map Facilitator support you in this work?

I mentor women entrepreneurs who are at the seedling stage in their business. They have an idea of what they want to offer the world and who they want to become. They’re just beginning to develop their websites and programs and hone in on their ideal clients. This is the ideal time to be guided through The Desire Map process because discovering how they want to feel sets the stage for how they want to live and what choices they’ll make — from how much they’ll work, to where, and with whom.

The message of my entire coaching business is that you can build a business with ease while living a life you love. The Desire Map, through discovery of Core Desired Feelings, paves the way for that reality.

Q: This year, you hosted a day-long Desire Map workshop that included a trip to the beach! Can you share a bit about what that experience was like?

I’m a big believer in taking time to retreat, and I love combining retreat with personal and entrepreneurial development. Just like you don’t need to wait until you have a six-figure year to feel the way you imagine it would make you feel, you don’t need to wait until you have a week to fly somewhere to go on an intentional retreat. I regularly offer day-long urban retreats here in Santa Cruz, CA, that support entrepreneurs in feeling how they want to feel. From a nourishing lunch to fireside reflections and on-the-spot coaching, the entire day is designed as an urban retreat and a walk to the beach is the highlight. On the way there, participants pair up to ask and answer questions about what they’d create if they could do anything and then, when they arrive, we explore those possibilities with curiosity, supported by the wide open spaciousness of ocean, sky, and sand.

Q: What is your most cherished memory of being a Desire Map Facilitator?

My most cherished memory of being a Desire Map Facilitator is one that occurs in every workshop: witnessing women who haven’t allowed themselves to truly tap into what they most want begin to get lighter and brighter as they realize it’s right there waiting for them and they have a choice about the big picture and the day-to-day reality. Watching women reclaim their power is such a privilege.

Testimonials from workshop attendees

The Desire Map experience with Meghan was spiritually rigorous. I had to exercise my words and intuitive feelings. It was a lot like translating from one language to another. Meghan is a gentle, knowledgeable guide. She knows how to effortlessly get you started if you are stalled, how to let you shine. She creates space to reveal the wonders you can bring into the world. Desire Mapping will revolutionize everything you thought about goals and how to live them.”

Susan D

“As a coach, Meghan leads with her fierce commitment to living in alignment, coupled with her tender sensitivity. Meghan is a genius at creating safe, nonjudgmental space to help me find what is most true for me — to encourage me to get in touch with what I most want, and then create it. She also has an incredible capacity to be with all feelings at all volumes.

Through coaching with Meghan, I have transformed my level of confidence in myself. Meghan helped me identify areas where I was holding myself back, and let go of limiting beliefs about the value of what I have to share. She coached me through a process of “updating” my outer appearance and the way that I organize and present myself. After working with Meghan, my inner experience of who I am matches the way I show up in the world more than ever before, and I feel light, energized, and free.”

Sarah H

“When I started The Desire Map process with Meghan Neeley, I didn’t even know how to answer the question, “What do you want?” I just clammed up and drew a blank. But after diving into the process, I was not only able to identify my core desired feelings, but also create tangible action steps I could take to FEEL them on a daily basis. And now, months after completing my first Desire Map experience, I know exactly HOW I want to feel, and WHAT I can do to create that experience. I am truly living a life of my choosing that I LOVE!”

Heather S

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