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Michelle Wolff

Young Living Essential Oils Educator, Reiki Master, Desire Map Facilitator

Core Desired FeelingsConnected, Divine, Ease

It’s exhilarating to facilitate other people’s growth and breakthroughs. It’s the perfect synergy of uplifting change for everyone involved!”

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Q: What was the moment you knew you’d chosen the right path to become a Desire Map Facilitator?

When I hung up the phone after my first virtual teleconference call with four women on the line, I was electrified and so grateful that I hadn’t given up on finding a place in the world for me to do this work.

I had considered giving up even though it had felt right to sign up. I was blocked over and over again from being able to fill in-person workshops. After many frustrating attempts at scheduling and then canceling dates, I might have tossed it all if it weren’t for Sandi Faviell Amorim and L’Erin Alta who provided calm instruction and guidance on using teleconference technology for workshops — something I hadn’t even considered as a possibility.

By going with the flow of my impulse to serve, I offered a free virtual workshop to four people. Since then, my workshops have expanded into Desire Map Level 1, Level 2, and Young Living Essential Oils workshops to help distributors who can’t figure out why their businesses aren’t progressing. I also host Desire Map workshops for men, teen girls, and I am planning one for teen boys.

In the process, I discovered why I wasn’t filling my in-person workshops. I had set a strong intention to work from home and use my Core Desired Feelings to guide me, and in doing so, I was not able to create work outside of my home. Duh! As soon as I shifted to an in-home format, my business took off!

Q: What does it mean to you to be a Desire Map Facilitator?

On a practical note, it means I get to work from home with all its related pros and cons — working in jammies and keeping the cats off my laptop. I’m able to make a living through virtual workshops, set my own schedule, care for my granddaughters, and spend more time with my family. Even better, my need to be of service in the world has an outlet now which supports me as I support others in their own growth.

On a personal note, it means that Desire Map principles are never far from my mind, which has literally changed my world. We often teach what we need to know most, and by teaching, I’ve immersed myself in living and breathing The Desire Map on a daily basis. It’s exhilarating to facilitate other people’s growth and breakthroughs. It’s the perfect synergy of uplifting change for everyone involved!

Ultimately, being a Desire Map Facilitator has deepened my spiritual connection, which means everything to me. It’s hard for me to describe the profound shift within me that comes with facilitating this work. To say it’s been life-changing is so reductionistic — but it truly has and continues to be so.

Q: How have you used the Desire Map Facilitator Program in alignment with your business? (ex. How do you incorporate Essential Oils into your workshop?)

I jumped on the facilitating opportunity, because I was tired of living a kind of split existence of mainstream vs. alternative living. I have a sharp intuition and skills moving energy in people. I wanted these things to be at the forefront of my life and build a business that incorporated essential oils. The Desire Map Facilitator Program was the ideal starting point. I didn’t have to create a program from scratch, I could use what I already knew, and create something totally unique to me.

Desire Map workshops have given me the ability to facilitate change in people through essential oils, listening, understanding people’s body communication, and helping people live through their own Core Desired Feelings.

Q: What’s one of your favourite moments as a Desire Map Facilitator?

The most intense time was in the men’s workshop when a participant was going through massive upheaval and getting in touch with the concept of accepting the darker parts of himself. He thought he was facing an impending divorce. I was so concerned that he might give up — I could feel he was on the verge of a massive breakthrough.

There are multiple opportunities in people’s lives when we walk up to the proverbial cliff and we decide if we want to leap and fly or turn back in fear. I held my breath waiting to see if he would leap or turn back, and through the last few weeks of working together, he leapt right off the cliff and flew!

It remains a time that motivates me even more to staying committed to getting this work out into the world, because he benefited — as did his wife, children, co-workers and myself. I’ve watched this happen over and over and hear about the breakthroughs that keep happening for people after the workshops are over. Who wouldn’t love to be a part of this process?

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“When it comes to The Desire Map, Michelle Wolff is the best. Not only does she listen to you, she really gets to the heart of the matter – your deepest desires. Okay, okay we get that. But I’m not talking about the surface crap, those pesky superficial “societal” things you think you want, but really the deep down, longing, burning, soul desires from which the power of what you want to create comes. Talk about intuition and wisdom; Michelle’s got that and so much more. Compassion and understanding, yep she’s got that, too. She creates a space where you feel safe and vulnerable to be who you are and that, my friends, is a gift you give yourself.”


“Being in a Desire Map workshop with Michelle Wolff was such an amazing experience! I think everything about the workshop itself is fantastic but the special approach Michelle has makes it even better! It’s hard for me to describe what this beautiful soul does or what a Desire Map workshop even is. But if you want to skip all of those things you think you need to do before you’re {finally!} happy/at peace/however you want to feel, and just feel that way NOW…this workshop is for you!! Just trust me! This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my own happiness and I just want to share the love! Michelle says she helps people increase their happiness thresholds and it’s so true. And who couldn’t use more happiness?!”


“Taking this workshop has been the best investment of my life. Michelle really helps you dig deep into your issues and bring to light what is blocking you so that you can find your purpose and passion in life. She makes herself available to questions even after the group calls in such a caring way. Her wisdom and compassion holds space to be vulnerable and go into your heart to really find what you are looking to have and feel in your life. Michelle, thanking you does not seem enough for what you have helped find in myself. I am so very blessed to have crossed paths with you and to still count on your support and guidance.”


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