Self-sabotage, the false story that keeps us from our power, and 2018 Planners are ready for you NOW! My July D Digest is here!


Are you tired? Or just really (justifiably) angry?

Toast is comforting. So I decided to make some toast. I woke up in a rough state. Feeling disappointed about a few things that were taken out of my control (not that they were in my control to begin with.) I was feeling distinctly disgusted by the glamour of the industry I’m in.

It’s not always self-sabotage. It’s just…what it takes.

I was in the worst physical pain of my life, during the biggest week of my career. I bent over and felt my back pop. I maneuvered to my knees, like a puppet whose strings were being snipped, and crawled to the living room. I stayed there for 72 hours. Flat.

My 2018 Planner Collection is here! As in, order it now!

This planner is how I root into my values, and schedule meetings. It’s how I remember HOW I WANT TO FEEL, and how I map out my month. It’s where my heart guides my plans to make stuff HAPPEN. And when you order, it ships out immediately!

More juicy podcasts: Including Linda Sivertsen and Dani Shapiro.

Failure, forgiveness, reinvention, devotion, motherhood…so much to talk about! Here’s a fresh compilation of some of my truthy-est, and hopefully encouraging moments in recent interviews and podcasts. Listen in…

[VIDEO] Show-and-tell of the 2018 Desire Map Planner Collection + my FAV writing tool of all time.

I made this planner system because I’m obsessed with usefulness AND…I live from my soul. Being on time matters to me, VISION matters to me, and so does spirit and gratitude and being of service to the world. So this is for all soul seekers + planner geeks like me. So I did a show-and-tell of the 2018 Desire Map Planner Collection.

But what’s the MOTIVE? (And BTW, pure motives RULE).

How can you spot the selfish intention when the branding is so glorious? Or how can you sense the true wisdom when the delivery is so 2000-and tacky? How can you really hear someone when your judgement is clouded by…judgement?

Just ask: What’s the motive? And your common sense or intuition will know the answer. You’ll feel it in your bones.

Archangel Summit 2017 w/ Danielle LaPorte

These Archangel events are lit UP. I love being a part of this — creatives and change agents, the seasoned and the emerging, all coming together to get fuel for the entrepreneurial journey? I’m in. And Toronto is my old home town, so I’m bringing the hugs along with the #truthbombs on how to define success and creative freedom on your own terms. Saturday September 9, 2017.

[DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE] Pouring on the love. Digital + audio bundle.

Here’s how I can bring some extra sweetness to your Soul: a sweet deal on the audio + digital version of White Hot Truth. Digital for the win. Saves trees and shipping fuel. Download your heart out! The bundle includes: White Hot Truth eBook, White Hot Truth Audio Book and White Hot Truth Book Club access: A collection of 18 videos + a written guide + a global community.

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When you’re heartsore for our planet—here’s a practice for you.

The Earth Adoration Meditation is the kind of focused adoration that empowers us to live lightly on the land and effect the change that so direly needs to happen.

Love, transactionality and the “5 people” you hang with-1

Love, transactionality, and the “5 people” you hang with

We hear this from motivators: “You are the average of the 5 people that you surround yourself with.”

Global Love

Canadian roots. Global love.

In case you didn’t know, we have GLOBAL love for our readers and workshop attendees. Like, three-books-translated-into-TEN-languages kind of love…

How to Heal a Fractured Society Guest post by Hiro Boga-feature

How to Heal a Fractured Society. Guest post by Hiro Boga.

After I read this sage offering from my beloved friend, Hiro Boga, I emailed her immediately and said: “This is INCREDIBLE. This diamond wisdom gave me deep comfort. It feels like an Answer. So beautiful and clear and right.”

Embrace Meditation with Danielle LaPorte

The doors to EMBRACE close today—get in soon

Only a few hours left to join Embrace: The Divine Feminine (the live meditation class), and ease into the weekend feeling more… LUMINOUS.


Fiercely-loving + ALL-embracing. Meet my newest meditation…

When I talk about The Divine Feminine as a principle it’s not (necessarily) about being in a goddess circle, or being ultra orgasmic (tho, that’s great), or even about being in a female body. The Divine Feminine exists in every being, in all life forms. The Feminine is fluid, generative, creative, spacious, receptive… the embrace that perpetually heals and nourishes.

Morality Danielle LaPorte

Morality, deep beauty and Faith: How you coping these days?

I am examining where in my life I can be more impeccable in linking desire to deed. CARE-FULL. I am making space to breathe more deliberately. These times call for deep breathing so you can hitch your passion to mindful action. So breathe.


#FamiliesBelongTogether: More ways to help, everywhere you live

If this issue makes your heart hurt there is something you can do about it, from anywhere you live. Humane treatment of children is a planetary issue.

A few growth pointers from Team D

A few growth pointers from Team D

Here are some field notes for growth from the two amazing women who run our business.


Heartache → Action: You donate to reunite separated border families, and this is what we’ll give you… (time sensitive)

Heartache → Action: You donate to reunite separated border families, and this is what we’ll give you… (time sensitive)

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