My team and I were talking about Matt Dilling, a neon artist in Brooklyn whose philosophy on light was, well, transcendent. A minute later we were jamming about a #Truthbomb app that we’re developing. And then zing-zap — the topics collided. Hey… what if … we made …. a neon #Truthbomb?! So we did. Because life is short and making “art” is such a sexy thing to do. And it felt fun and luminous and true to do. And because I think that life & work spaces are best treated as temples…. with style.

If you’re a collector, a seeker, an indulger, or you’re in the proverbial dark… light up your life — with the truth.

We’re launching our new EXHIBITION line with a limited run of my first edition, artisan crafted, neon #Truthbomb. From my heart, to your power source.

For your office, behind the reception desk, on your bedroom wall, or in your dining room (my neon piece is in my own studio by the desk). This is a brilliant reminder of who you are, through and through.


Neon #Truthbomb $4,500.00 Specs 40" x 15," 30 lbs
120v Outlet, 200 watts
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neon image
neon image
neon image
neon image

Matt Dilling’s Neon 101

Neon tubes, as they are known, are glass tubes bent into a form with metal electrodes at each end. A tube is vacuumed out, and a very small amount of inert gas (generally either neon, or more often argon) is placed back inside the tube. Once a low-current, high-voltage electrical charge is applied, the gas glows. Most of the colors are produced by a coating on the inside of the tube that converts the wavelength of the light emitted into various shades and colors.

– Matt Dilling |

Neon lighting represents our nature as fragile, fleeting creatures—it’s often a difficult, fragile, and challenging medium—and as infinite beings having ineffable experiences.

– Matt Dilling, Artist

Free Device Wallpapers

Screen candy. Here’s an all-new collection of stunning NEON wallpaper images for your desktop, iPad and mobile screens. They’re simple and to the point, as usual. And free. Illuminate everywhere.

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