8 sure ways to block positivity

1. Overzealous competitiveness. Sure, play to win, but when the focus is on decimating the competition, you’re wasting invaluable creative energy that you could pour into your staying power.

2. Ambivalence and indifference. When you’re in touch with your truth, you can make a clear choice. (Personally, I’m always leery of collaborating with someone who doesn’t know what they want. Hell, I’m leery of having lunch with someone who doesn’t know what they want.)

3. Scarcity mentality. Because…

If you think there’s not enough to go around, then you won’t bother to look for the abundance.

4. Comparing yourself to others. Totally toxic.

5. Jealousy to the point that you can’t wish the other person well. (Bitterness is a bitch — and she doesn’t attract a lot of new friends.)

6. Preciousness to the point that you inconvenience others to get your needs met. (Note: We’re ALL special and sensitive — even if we don’t appear to be.)

7. Perpetual anger. Anger can be galvanizing and lead to more positive states of being. But if it’s ongoing, it’s a major energy drain.

8. Worry. Trust me, it’s useless.



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