Retail Partner

If you’ve got a beautiful store front, boutique, gallery, pop up shop, yoga studio, wellness space, or generally cool retail location and you want to bring your customers stylish, consciousness-raising goods then let’s do business, love!

Retail Partner Benefits

  • Retailer pricing is 40% off our site-listed price with minimum quantities.
  • All retailers will be listed on (subscribers + social media = 250k+)

Retail Partner News

The “Danielle Collection” is buildable. The Desire Map book is shelf-tacular and fits well with gift and mind/body/wellness merchandising. The Desire Map book list price is $22. Retailer pricing = $13.2/unit, 12 unit minimum.

The #Truthbomb Card Deck has been flying from the shop. List price is $34. Retailer pricing = $20.40/unit, 12 unit minimum.

The #Truthbomb Tattoos Collection pairs perfectly with any of our other products – who doesn’t love metallic gold ink, right? Retailer pricing = 20 collections minimum (mix + match your favs). 40% off.

Become a Retail Partner

Apply to be a retail partner and place your first order.


If you carry our products in your store please let us know and we will list your business on our site.


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