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Roxanne de Guzman

Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Spa Consultant, Massage Trainer, Desire Map Facilitator

Core Desired FeelingsSpacious, Authentic, Steady, Groovy, Golden

“I knew I wanted to become a Desire Map Facilitator early on. I had so many ideas brimming and mostly envisioned how beautiful a yoga asana flow class within a Desire Map workshop could be instrumental in helping attendees unlock greater truths in their lives.”

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Q: What does it mean to you to be a Desire Map Facilitator?

In 2014, when a friend recommended The Desire Map book, I was curious though somewhat skeptical before diving in, knowing I’d tried writing out my: Bucket list. Quarterly objectives. Strategic plans. Big dreams. Goals. As Danielle LaPorte points out, this is the mainstream route.

I’d already come a long way in my professional, personal, and spiritual life; however, I felt that goal-setting was a chore. Despite all of the resources and information, I didn’t have a crystal-clear vision — or I would bee-line toward a goal and arrive not feeling the way I thought I would. There was something refreshing about the Desire Mapping process which I explored on my own using The Desire Map book/workbook. Then I enrolled in a Desire Map workshop for a different experience of exploration and discovery.

A year later in 2015 armed with my five CDFs — I was (and still am) genuinely excited to have the GIFT of a starting point that gives me confidence to proceed, knowing I’ll be true to myself, no matter what area of my life is being contemplated.

I knew I wanted to become a Desire Map Facilitator early on. I had so many ideas brimming and mostly envisioned how beautiful a yoga asana flow class within a Desire Map workshop could be instrumental in helping attendees unlock greater truths in their lives.

Q: Where were you, in life or business, before you become a Desire Map Facilitator?

I was a new Mum (my son was just over a year old when I facilitated);
I had just relocated back to Toronto after 21 years living abroad (Bermuda, Hong Kong, LA, Phuket);
I was, and still am, a founder and director of an award-winning spa and leisure consultancy based in Phuket, Thailand;
I taught yoga workshops in SouthEast Asia as well as provided a placement service called “Masters in Residence” to match yoga instructors and holistic practitioners with five-star luxury resorts (usually tropical island settings);
I offer Personal Training for the guests of a six-star resort in Phuket, Thailand during “high season” (every December and January) since 1998;
I work in the Hamptons every summer (June through August) since 2006.

Q: How did becoming a Desire Map facilitator impact you as a yoga teacher?

I actually wrote my Core Desired Feelings on my yoga mat and feel this is a beautiful way to set intention at the start of a meditation or yoga (asana) practice. Seeing my CDFs on my yoga mat encouraged Desire Map workshop guests to do the same, over time. And when I teach independent classes or privates, students are always curious about my words — so I explain. Oftentimes, those students will sign up for a Desire Map Workshop!

Q: What makes Yoga and The Desire Map a great pair?

The reality of life is that we are not always happy, although we may seek happiness and joy. Both Yoga Practice AND The Desire Map force us to work through areas where we feel stuck, and breathe through them. I really appreciate that both Yoga and The Desire Map acknowledge and force us to look at our shadow side and ask tough questions (practice challenging poses). Seeking to know ourselves by doing inner work is more important and impactful than relying on external, step-by-step systems.

Q: How do you combine Yoga & Desire Mapping together — what’s your specialty?

I love offering a 30-40 minute class at the “sacred grounding” section of the workshop before attendees choose their CDFs. This is the point where words start to emerge for people and patterns are forming. It’s amazing after this yoga session how participants report the practice was perfect for emptying the mind, then coming back to feel out which words resonate, and to cross off the words or phrases that did not ring true. Or perhaps replace with words revealed during class.

Q: What is your most cherished memory of being a Desire Map Facilitator?

One of the attendees of an early workshop (now a dear friend!), shared a story about an accident that altered her life, and she was naturally emotional. The accident changed her outlook and she sees things in a completely different (more present and positive) light since. At the end of the two-day Desire Map workshop she shared that she found the process therapeutic and beneficial in pinpointing a new direction in her life!

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“I’ve just arrived home from my first Level 1 Desire Map Workshop with Roxanne de Guzman Garside in Toronto. You guys, it was amazing. She’s running another one soon and she has the skills, cahones, and kindness to make it worth your while. I landed on my CDFs after many years of avoiding the work: Wholehearted, True, Intrepid, Tender, Mighty. Thanks to Roxanne.”

Dr Ashley W

“My daughter encouraged me to come to Roxanne’s workshop. It was great to share the experience together. I was not sure what I would get out of the experience, but soon learned the benefits, and I’ve already recommended the workshop. I do not usually take the time for myself. This workshop allowed me not only time for myself physically but time for internal reflection.”

Sandra G

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