Circle of Fire: Session 11

how you show up in the world


If you knew that your art would support your life, how would you live?

Make creating art your guiding priority.
Know that your life is content. Look at everything as material for your art.
Create sacred physical and/or psychological space to make your art.
Invest in the best tools.
Believe that your art is going to be useful to someone.

The All About You Interview

Sometimes you need to hear your Creative Genius reflected back to you. Sound bytes and ramblings stories. The defining moments that others see in us that we can’t see ourselves.

Most of us rarely have the opportunity to be the subject of a focused interview. Having the honor of being in that hot seat can be incredibly illuminating, and it’s an effective way to clarify your driving force and Creative Genius. You just gotta ask.


Worksheet: All About You Interview
Worksheet: Ask-a-Friend Survey

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