Circle of Fire: Session 14

supporting characters


What’s your worldview?

Take stock: Who’s on your bus— who are you co-creating with? And how do they see the world?

Now let’s turn that around to get to your genius place: How do you see the world? This could be a complicated exercise, but pretend it’s simple. Are you a glass half- full or half-empty person? Are you on this side of trusting or that side of cautious? Do you need to see it to believe it, or believe it to see it? In the most sweeping, general terms, how do you regard the human race?

Your worldview is precious stuff. And it should guide the guest list of who you invite on your bus. Whom do you really want to co-create with? Be idealistic here.

When you have a say in whom you get to collaborate or team with, go for people who have shared values and you’ll be starting off on solid ground — just the space where your Creative Genius thrives.


Worksheet: Support Team
Worksheet: Sizing up Simpatico

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