Circle of Fire: Session 16

just start. now.

What matters most in your BEINGNESS?

How many mornings do we choose email over meditation, or let deadlines pull rank on stretching, cuddling, or a glass of water swallowed slowly and appreciated? How habitually do we override the call from the interior of our being? The call to pray, or listen, or just to be fully awake in noticing what is being said to us— whether it’s our heart, the dog, the trees, or our fellow humans speaking to us?

Prayer comes in all forms and every one spoken brings grace to the day. Our hearts are the altars. Each day lived is another chance to reap the deep rewards of sacred prioritization. Attend first to the divine and the work at hand becomes art.

A Credo for Making It Happen

Everything is progress… Do what you say you’re going to do… Respect your fear… This is 2 minutes of what you need to hear every day to go after what you want in life + work. For best results, watch this every morning before you get your shine on.

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