Circle of Fire: Session 2

the metrics of ease

What would your life be like if you only did what was easy?

Ease. The concept confounds most of us. Here’s why: Pay your dues. Put in your time. Prove yourself. Meet expectations. Soldier on. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

We’ll call these, collectively, the Myth of Endurance: a concept that you can choose to believe in, in varying degrees, or not. “Easy” is also a concept that can be just as useful to you. The easy way is a direction that leads straight to your Creative Genius.


Worksheet: Easy Priorities

What does your perfect 12 hours look like?

Fill your day with Creative Genius-inducing environments and actions. Imagine it.

The whole point of this “perfect twelve exercise” is to actually create those ideal twelve hours — or as close to it, even if it’s just fifteen minutes, as frequently as possible until that idealism is the fabric of your everyday reality and lifestyle. Day to day makes up a lifetime. Make each day your work of art.


Worksheet: Perfect 12

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