Circle of Fire: Session 4

the burning questions

What’s underneath your definition of success?

As a term, “success” is up there with nice and plastic—it covers just about everything but doesn’t tell you much at all.

Whatever it is, we all want it, and we want it bad. But what does success actually feel like to you? Contrary to what the progenitors and propagators of the (North) American Dream would tell you, success is actually a very personal thing.

Beneath your wanting to be successful are likely more poignant emotions that you desire. Dig

What’s chronic, repetitive or inflamed in your life?

Muscles get inflamed and choked from repetitive overuse. And it takes just one overtaxed muscle to stifle an entire limb, which then throws off the alignment of your whole body. When you stop using the muscle in the same way, blood flow can return and pain makes way for vitality. In the same way, a psychic wound or one small behavior continually repeated could strain your whole life.

Freedom — which is an essential state for accessing your Creative Genius — starts when you can identify the aggravation you’ve been accommodating for so long. When you see it, you can heal it and free yourself up to make more art in your life.


Worksheet: Burning Questions

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