Circle of Fire: Session 5

facing forward

Who do you admire… and why?

Your aspirations show up in your admiration. Mother Teresa’s mystical devotion, Obama’s steady character, Angelina’s boldness, your grandparent’s integrity—all qualities that are latent or burgeoning within you.

You are what you’re attracted to, so it’s mighty useful to ask yourself why you dig who you dig.

What have you pulled off?

We’re so hard on ourselves. On the edge of a new project or chapter we start to think of all the reasons that we’re not qualified, all those the times we didn’t get it right in the past, and what’s at stake (and the stakes seem high.)

The precipice of expressing your Creative Genius is precisely the place to blow some sunshine up your own hemline. Remind yourself on a cellular level that you have pulled stuff off before — and you will again. Anchor into positive proof.

What are your victories + accomplishments? Sing your praises. If you’re feeling too shy to blow your own horn, answer like your BFF or the person who loves you most would answer. Go back as far in your life as you need to for evidence of greatness. This is your résumé of wonder.


Worksheet: Glory Boarding

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