Circle of Fire: Session 8

comforting failure

This week, what 3 things in your life will you approach as new?

Ask any athlete or elite performer, writer, salesperson, speaker, very big project manager, or wide-awake lover: A track record can dull your senses. Success can make you lazy. Each win has got to be a new win, earned with intense focus and an open heart.

Do not take your expertise for granted. Stay awake. Hunt. Kill your old material. Listen for new information. Tell your old story in a new way. Kiss like it’s your first kiss. Crush your gimmicks. Make no assumptions. Let the page be white. Then and only then, begin.

What’s your favorite failure?

Negative emotions crystallize in our psyches, they contribute to clogged arteries, and they junk up the morphogenetic field, so it’s cosmically diligent to take responsibility for shifting them. Seeing clearly in fear and darkness is one of the victories of awakening. But what if we took it one step further and made an effort to actually transform our pain into something beautiful?


Worksheet: Purge the Past
Worksheet: Comfort Zoning

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