so you say you’re inspired. now what? analyze it.

Wafty. Lofty. Airy. Amorphous. INSPIRATION.

A quick breath. Teary. Racing heart. Power punched! INSPIRATION.

I wanna do THAT! Gotta get ME some of that! Gonna get, give, live, be MORE.

You are certifiably INSPIRED.

Now what? How do you turn that fire into fuel that moves you forward, deeper, higher?

You analyze it. You inhale and exhale all that romance until you know exactly WHY IT TURNS YOU ON. “How come you need to know why something inspires you?” a creative partner asked me once. “Isn’t it enough to just be inspired, do you have to analyze it?” My answer: “I want to know why I love what I love so I can make more love. Geesh.” Like, conscious evolution. Duh.

what inspired you, exactly?
what did you see?
what did you feel?
how will that inspiration change how you approach things?


SAVAGE BEAUTY. The Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. disturbed, melancholy, heart broken, excellence, construction, rules twisted and smashed. truth is beauty. beauty is everywhere.

Notes to self: darkness and light must co-exist. write more about pain but don’t apologize for my devotion to the light. what rules am i following that are hemming me in? respect the dues i’ve paid. worry less about ruining the art piece (tear the lace! spray paint the dress!) collaborate with masters and emerging stars. deconstruct. show the bone. nature heals in every context. how can i bring nature into pixels? always, always aim to elevate. [Both Bindu Wiles and Alexandra Franzen wrote about the exhibit with insight.] VIDEO: forward to the 40 second mark if you’re in a hurry.

GHETTO CLOWN, John Leguizamo’s one man Broadway show A career memoir, with Legz’ characteristic charisma, plenty of ego, and some truly tender moments.

Notes to self: come out swinging. physicality and layers — how to rock that on and and off stage? everything has a soundtrack — song references say so much. can the ego be of service? pain and the longing for freedom are the common ground in every audience — zero in on the longing. how do my origins influence my art? own that what i do feels so fucking suhweet.


Notes to self: go full on sermon.

KRIS CARR: Home Renos I’m not the renovating type. But this made me want to take a crowbar to something…like my website, maybe. My old journals. My ideas of success. It’s the energy of this reno-joy that inspired me.

Notes to self: what am itching to tear down so I can create more ease, comfort, freedom, beauty?

Get inspired.
Act it out.

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Do you think being called “Too emotional” is an act of oppression? Maybe you should think about it.

Stop thinking and start feeling — a lot more. And start talking about how you feel — a lot more. And you know what will happen? You will start to be more aware of how you feel, more of the time — the tenderness, the rage, the genius, the sorrow, the Love. You will feel your power, and you will direct it into the world.

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How to not give a shit (even though you really do) and be kind about it all.

Love from the inside outward. Some people will take offense to your healthy priorities. Others will take your loving example and love themselves even more.

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Perpetually cleansing? That’s about right. The 80/20 rule of living your life and cleaning it up.

Deep living is dirty, sweaty, gorgeous work. We will accumulate things. But your Soul wants to be mobile, unencumbered — in touch with all the parts of your life.

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All the things that softly kill me.

The hate. All the hate. It makes me fume and spin. The light. Oh the light! The light that is powerful enough to transmute hate into Love. “T’was blind, but now I see.” That kind of light.


A slight twist on reviewing your year (or life) that could be very, very…illuminating

We’re cozied in the corner booth of the pub with tacos and no one else around. It’s been a doozer of a business week and I have some Very Big Decisions to make. Wait. In case you’re not the story-type, I’ll give you the quick take-away: A short how-to on doing a yearly retrospective.


a sentiment for blazing

close your calendars
of regret
smash clocks and barriers
with your better knowing
throw soft light on


Self Love and why we’re all effed up about it.

Celebrate yourself no matter what — even if they think you’re tacky, terrible, too much of this, too little of that. Make how you move through the world an homage to your beautiful, luminous, powerful, magnificent, righteous, sacred…self.

That same self who may fuck up tomorrow, but will still be made of LOVE. THAT Self. Love.


Thoroughness (a poem for devotion)

I have expressed from my longing and obstacles
the balm of thoroughness,
rare as rose oil,
nothing cures like devotion.
I stroke it on wounds and desires


Easing someone’s suffering…without suffering. Is it possible?

Do I have to feel your pain in order to help ease your pain?

And, if I guard myself against your suffering, am I less useful? If I want to detach from your pain, am I less loving? If I think, “I’m glad I’m not going through that”, am I cold hearted? If I’m grateful for my strength or good fortune in comparison to your so-called weakness or misfortune, does that make me…just secretly horrible?


D Digest: How to be generous, loving your tribe, Online etiquette and calling bullshit when you need to. My November Roundup is in.

Why we relive the painful times over again. (For a good reason.)  You’re not a loser for feeling it again, you’re…soulfully thorough. Find your tribe. Love them hard. (And, is your tribe a healthy one?)  Our people do typically look like us, and quack like us, but magic happens when we stay open to the […]

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