After watching her wow the crowd of enthusiastic followers at the Symphony Space on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, it came as no surprise that she is a member of Oprah Winfrey’s elite SuperSoul 100 and has amassed a devoted following.

Sari Beth Rosenberg Editor, Bella NYC

Danielle, who credits green juice to fueling her digital empire, was a director for a think tank on future studies prior to founding her wildly popular website. She also explored the fundamentals of Buddhist meditation. “I’m as stoked about pop culture as eastern mysticism,” Danielle says. “I’ve had conversations with thousands of women about what ‘success’ really means, and I’ve concluded that the best self-help is self compassion. And, true self love includes serving the world around you.”

Danielle believes that our relationship to ambition is inside out, which is why she wrote: The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul. The book turned into an international facilitator’s program. She also wrote the book, The Fire Starter Sessions, to shake up notions of success.

Danielle, who is “often mistaken as an extrovert,” lives in Vancouver with her favorite person, her 12-year-old son. Her charity of choice is Eve Ensler’s V-Day, a movement to end violence against women and girls, because she believes that empowered women heal everything around them.

Oprah's SuperSoul 100

Danielle is a rare gift to both the page and to the stage. Funny and poetic, inspirational and down-to-earth, she has the unique ability to make everyone in the room feel the same — whether they’re laughing or crying. She has crushed every Wanderlust event — not only in my opinion — but in every survey we’ve ever sent. We’re so lucky to have in our universe.

Jeff Krasno Founder, Wanderlust

Danielle is our OM girl! Her highly entertaining and engaging talk was a huge hit with our Yoga Journal audience. Danielle and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with from their pre-event support all the way through to the end of the night. Our team was highly impressed with Danielle’s personal attention to the attendees during the book signing that followed her event. Everyone left the event on cloud nine!

Yoga Journal Renee LaRose, Yoga Journal LIVE!

Danielle LaPorte left quite an impression with our attendees at The Art of Leadership for Women. Her time on stage was incredibly engaging and packed with content. Our audience has been raving about Danielle long after the conference ended and she was definitely one of our top rated speakers. It was an honour having Danielle on our stage.

The Art of Productions, Inc.

The sweet song of truth played effortlessly and candidly through an evening that weaved all involved into enchantment. All who joined in were deeply moved, inspired, and ignited. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

Melanie Bradley lululemon athletica, Vancouver

Danielle LaPorte was impeccable on our stage. She infused every participant with magic, love and possibility. I am so deeply honored and grateful for her presence and her message. She is pure magic. Words can’t do justice to the honor, care and heart she not only brought to our audience, but to the entire event as a whole. I’m in love, love, love with her and have already booked her to work with us again!

Marie Forleo Founder of B-School, MarieForleo.com

Danielle challenged our women to provocatively redefine our relationship to goal setting.  Focusing on how we want to “feel” vs. what we have to do was a big frame shift, and one that I know is helpful to many women in getting clearer about setting goals that release their full power to succeed, including myself.

Ellie Gates Director, Management Effectiveness, Adobe | Learning & Development

 ….Part author, part fire starter, all goddess.

Digital Telepathy Digital Telepathy

Danielle spoke at our most recent Texas Conference for Women and received rave reviews from our audience. She is completely lovely to work with and we would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Amy Cooper Program Director, Conferences for Women

I have hired Danielle several times to speak for Women in Biz Network, most recently at two national conferences where she served up authentic advice and witty wisdom to savvy business women. Her feisty style and sense of humour win over the audience and send them into a frenzy — which always results in a wild standing ovation. While hugely successful, Danielle is no diva and is a complete pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend Danielle for her rocking empire of books, products (which are always on my recommended lists) and awesome stage presence.

Leigh Mitchell Founder & President, Women in Biz Network

Danielle sparked our audience to think. You can’t hear Danielle and not be inspired to think differently about what you do and how you do it. She is great and puts all her energy behind everything she commits to.

Jeff Shinabarger PlywoodPeople.com

Danielle keynoted for 500 of my closest friends at the inaugural World Domination Summit. Her standing-room-only talk and Fire Starter Session got rave reviews for days afterward. You should hire her for your gig… as long as you have fire insurance.

Chris Guillebeau Author, The Art of Non-Conformity

Danielle is a force of feminine wisdom. Her honesty, energy and inspiration was a delight to behold. Our audience … left with the permission to be the kind of leader the world needs now!

Jono Fisher Founder, WakeUpProject.com.au

I hosted a Happier Hour event with author and speaker Danielle LaPorte. The feedback was tremendous and the conversations after her talk were rich and deep and different. She shook us up.

Aidan Donnelly Rowley Author, Getting To Yes

Within minutes of Danielle taking the stage, you could feel the energy of the room transform and the barriers come down. Danielle shared from the heart her experiences and insights to living an authentic & powerful life, and how that ultimately leads to business and financial success. It was truly empowering to hear a woman speak the whole (white hot) truth and with complete integrity. Positively fabulous!

Katia Millar Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer, Positive Fabulous Women

Captivating and heart-warming…the women left thinking more deeply and clearly, and contemplating their purpose.

Renee Rouleau President, Renee Rouleau Skin Care Salon, Dallas

You lit up the room from the inside out…

Carolyn Lawrence Director, Young Women of Influence Series, Toronto

Danielle LaPorte … a woman who can bring out the best in all, one by one, until the whole world beats to her positive drum. … [she] was just as inspiring as I had predicted, sending urgent waves of purpose into the crowd with her messages.

The Province Vancouver

When Danielle LaPorte flew over to speak at our Big Hearted Business Conference, we felt like all of our Christmases had come at once. There was weeping in the aisles, mass joy-hysteria, and many a life changed. All up, she’s the real deal, and was an absolute delight to be around. Thank you.

Clare Bowditch Founder, Big Hearted Business

It is too bad that I cannot rate it higher than “GREAT” and “5 stars”…On my scale it was “EXCELLENT” and worthy of 10 stars. Danielle rocked my world, made me rethink some of the things I’m doing right now.

Kati Bishop Toronto

Danielle LaPorte defines a new generation of keynote speaking. With her bold genius and in-the-trenches truth-telling, she raises the standard for an unforgettable conference by delivering her thought-provoking and original material with presence, immediacy, inspiration, wisdom, fun, and practical magic.

When I ask myself what makes her the amazing communicator she is, I realize she has the capacity to put words to the things that have been circling our collective awareness and bring them in to hand.

You’ll set a new benchmark with Danielle as your speaker. She lives and breathes her message of creative sovereignty!

Gail Larsen Founder, Real Speaking I Author, Transformational Speaking | Former Executive Vice-President, National Speakers Association

What a night! You left us powerful words of wisdom, energized our souls and made a big statement in Big D!

Amy Power Power Public Relations, Dallas

Your presentation was fascinating…so fresh! You struck the curiosity chord in all of the ladies. We can’t wait to have you back!

Cara Savege Board Member, The Vancouver Club

Danielle’s reputation preceded her before she took to our conference stage: Compelling, compassionate, dynamic. And she delivered, in spades. Danielle spoke directly to the concerns and aspirations of our people. Their standing ovation and the afterglow was proof that her power and sincerity got to the heart of the matter.

Joshua Rosenthal Founder, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Danielle is a burning fire on stage. She makes us laugh amidst powerful moments of poignancy and self-realization, and her off-the-cuff style has a laser focus that leaves no stone left unturned.

Chantal Pierrat Founder & Producer, Emerging Women Conference

You gave our group the shot in the arm that they needed. Every woman in the room heard a piece of themselves in your story – very inspiring.

Melody Biringer Founder, The Crave Company, Seattle

High-octane…[one of] North America’s most popular female speakers, authors, bloggers and all-round winning personalities in the personal development movement.

Vancouver Magazine VanMag.com

Our evaluations mentioned your session as the highlight of the day—the word ‘inspirational’ came up again and again.

Nancy Olson Manager, Vancouver YWCA

All guests left the gathering eager to look inward … as they reach outward!

Brenda L. Handley President, Gobo Enterprises and The Broader View, Seattle

You know how to create an emotional connection with an audience regardless of the medium. You’re the real deal. You truly know how to get to the core of what’s important in life and business and how to teach others to create tangible results that resonate with what’s true for them. Our audience sat in silence for awhile after your presentation just soaking it up…deep and beautiful, strategic and focused. We can’t wait to have you back!

Kelly King Anderson Founder, Startup Princess

Our members will remember your wisdom on how success in business is a reflection of how well we integrate self-authentication in all we do.

Karen Horton Education Committee Member, Meeting Planners International, BC Chapter

The realness with which Danielle presented her story, and the passion with which she shared herself with our audience was generous and inclusive…Her storytelling and bold statements echoed long after she left the stage.

Chloe Gow-Jarret Director, GetShifted, Vancouver BC

The hour we spent with you was awesome. Inspiring, visionary, free of BS, and most of all REAL. Our entrepreneurs left the session a little stronger, a lot more confident, and massively inspired. On behalf of 85 Broads, thank you for getting the fire started. YOU ROCK.

Diana Sonis New York Chapter Leader, 85 Broads & Co-Founder, UnitConnect.com

…the ladies at our event felt motivated to live their lives more authentically…and with their own style. Your story of how you are creating and living your own dream inspired everyone.

Beth Schoenfeldt Co-founder, Ladies Who Launch, New York

Inspirational, hilarious and incredibly refreshing, Vancouver’s Danielle LaPorte dishes out the White Hot Truth.

Kelly Doody Six In The City, The Calgary Sun

Danielle was a guest speaker for our World-Changing Writing Workshop, and let me tell you, she brought down the house. Our students rated Danielle #1 out of all the speakers in the course. Why? I think it’s a toss-up between her idealistic passion that fires you up with every word, and her concrete advice that you can put into practice immediately. I’d jump up and down with glee to have Danielle speak at any event I ever do in the future, even if it’s on underwater basket weaving — I’m sure she’d find a way to share something amazing.

Pace Smith Co-leader, World-Changing Writing Workshop

…Absolutely off the charts! You inspired everyone to greatness. Thank you so much for being an integral part of making our event a huge success!

Cynthia Martyn Toronto Director, Ladies Who Launch

Danielle LaPorte is the softest “force” to be reckoned with! Her voice is tranquil and inviting, her image is intense, and her words are powerful and impacting! Danielle is a true inspiration and she held a room of 200 women enrapt for her two and a half hour seminar and her messages: “Being authentic is about breaking the rules (one of my personal favourites!)” “Embrace Your Contradictions”, “Truth comes quietly”, “Consistency builds momentum” and “Comparison Kills”. If you want to be your best and go from “good to great”, invite some Danielle in to Rock Your World!

Sharon Chan & Tammy Preast Ask A Woman Seminar Series, Vancouver

Thank you doesn’t quite cover the gratitude I have for you and your magical, empowering and inspiring presence and presentation at The Business of Bliss Conference. You rocked the stage and the worlds of all who were in attendance.

Kari Dunlop Producer, The Business of Bliss Conference with Martha Beck, Peter Walsh, Candace Bushnell, Calgary

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