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“The Facilitator Program gives me the freedom to integrate my own content with The Desire Map content, so I can combine Danielle’s material with my own passions and area of expertise, which means I am still moving my own brand forward. It’s a win-win!”

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Q: How did you integrate your focus on the senses with The Desire Map curriculum?

When I looked over the workshop curriculum, I could clearly see the opportunities to weave my focus on senses into the content. This was major for me — knowing that I could incorporate my own passions and interests into this material made me feel even more authentic as a leader.

Even though I was teaching from a book I hadn’t written, there was so much space for me to just be me.

Q: How has being a facilitator impacted your business?

Being a Facilitator definitely jumpstarted my business. It showed me what’s possible and that I am capable of running the business I’ve been dreaming of. That boost of business confidence is priceless.

This experience has felt similar to the way I felt when I started teaching yoga: it’s so exciting to take something that has been transformational in your life and share it with others.

Q: How did it feel to be a Desire Map Facilitator?

This may sound cheesy, but I felt like I was one of the wise kings bringing gifts to Jesus. Like I had this really precious gift to give people. I felt very connected to all of my Core Desired Feelings too, which is how I really know something is a good fit.

I felt like a grownup for one of the first times in life. Being a Facilitator helped me fully step into my role as a business owner, and as a provider for my own needs – financially and otherwise.

Q: How did you find your workshop space?

I found my venue on Instagram, actually. Just casually browsing around, I saw a downtown LA venue with lots of natural light and immediately, I knew it was the one. I didn’t look at anything else.

Q: What kind of support did you have? How did you choose that person?

I am really bad at asking for help, so during most of my workshop prep, I was convinced that I could do this on my own.

But about 4 weeks out, I realized that I’d be screwed if I didn’t get some help during the workshop. So I put the desire for support out to the universe.

And lo and behold, two people emailed me asking if I offered scholarships or discounts for students, so I decreased their attendance fee, in exchange for their help. Assistants = found!

Q: Did you incorporate anyone else’s work?

I brought in a special guest meditation teacher to lead a senses-focused meditation on the afternoon of the second day.

This helped re-energize and ground the group before the final stretch of the workshop, and was also restorative for me, too.

Testimonials from workshop attendees

“The clarity I have now (after the workshop) is amazing. I know how to do things differently from now on, to get to what I want to feel everyday.”

Palomi Sheth, Desire Map Workshop Participant

“I desire mapped on my own before, but the group experience was radically different. It became a space for us to share, cry, laugh, and most importantly, to expand. And because I was so in it, I’m now bursting with ideas about how my own workshops will look, feel, smell, taste and sound. I’m honored to have been part of such a life-altering experience.”

Marcy Cruice, Desire Map Workshop Participant

“Attending the Desire Map Workshop changed everything. I was so filled up when I left… So much gratitude. I can’t say enough about the experience. It was heaven.”

Shawn Marie Turi, Desire Map Workshop Participant

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