The Desire Map Online Video Course


The Desire Map Online Video Course

Achievement Autopilot is a cultural default. We take on ambitions from The Joneses, our parents, and the imaginary “they” in our minds who we are always trying to impress. And as we pursue these goals that don’t match our spirit, we twist up our identity, we burn out, and we forget who we are  which is exactly the opposite of how we want to feel.

Every craving, aspiration, or goal you have is driven by an innate desire to feel a certain way. So what if we first got clear on how we want to feel, and THEN we designed our goals and to-do lists to align with who we truly are?

This leads to the potentially paradigm-shifting question: How do YOU want to feel? This is where Desire Mapping comes in. Using creative tools, techniques, and personalized road maps, The Desire Map course ignites your inner GPS.

Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have, and generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life.

In this course, we will:

  • use creative journaling to uncover what you want and how you truly feel
  • use your Core Desired Feelings as a guidance system for making life choices
  • learn what is not working in your life and how to change it
  • design new lists, goals, and visions that align with your soul

Each of the eight video modules guides you along the path to discover your Core Desired Feelings. And with these desires as your North Star, we uncover what you want to do, have, and experience in the five areas of your life. Each module is accompanied by worksheets to help you get clear and manifest your desire. We use this personalized knowledge as the rich groundwork to create goals with soul and craft a life that ignites you from the inside, out.


Class Descriptions

Module 1: Theory + Process

In this session, we’re going to go over the theory and the heart of what Desire Mapping is — which turns conventional goal-setting inside out.

Bring your reservations. Bring your resistance to joy. Bring your cravings. Bring your courage. Just show up.

Module 2: Gratitude + What’s Not Working

Gratitude puts everything into perspective. In this module, we’ll walk through the five life areas — these life areas are really the spine of the process, you’ll keep coming back to them. Right now, you’re going to use those life areas to get really specific about what you’re grateful for, because specificity increases the thankfulness effect — and creates happy brain chemicals. We’ll also get clear on what’s not working in your life. There’s no spiritual bypassing here, we look at everything directly so we can create from an empowered place — from the truth.

Module 3: How Do You Want To Feel?

This is the big, beautiful reason we’re here. In this module, you’re going to get specific about how you want to feel. And just like we did in the last session, we’ll go through each Life Area to do a stream of consciousness about your desires.

Module 4: Identify Your Core Desired Feelings

Every word is its own world, and in this case, words have never mattered more. This is an exploration into the vibration of words. You’re going to hone in on the feeling words that really resonate with you. They have to click. They have to inspire you. They have to feel just right. This isn’t an exam. This is a laboratory for your consciousness. So much of our truth is often right under the surface, it just wants to be…named.

Module 5: What Do You Want to Do/Have/Experience?

This is my favorite module. Really, really. We are going to bridge your Core Desired Feelings to actions.

Module 6: Setting Goals with Soul

What do you need to do to feel the way you want to feel? In this module, I’m asking you to narrow down your goals and your intentions from the big list you created in the last module. I’m going to give you some strategies for refining your big list of to-do’s into very conscious intentions for the year. Let’s get started.

Module 7: Fear, Positivity, People, Service

It’s happening! You’re starting to get clear on what supports your Core Desired Feelings. Now we’re going to get into the brutal facts and fears about getting what you want: mistakes you’re afraid to make again…wounds that are still healing. We are going to get this stuff out of your system. And then, we’ll shift gears and go to the light side. You’ll look at the people and the resources who can help you pull it off. And finally, how you want to give of yourself.

Module 8: Practicing Desire

We did it, you did it! You’re a desire mapper. You know your Core Desired Feelings, you are in the driver’s seat of your destiny. In this final module, we’re going to have you make a plan to incorporate your Core Desired Feelings into your every day.

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