Fire Starter Sessions

For the Creatives and freedom seekers.

I’ve had hundreds of conversation with people about their definition of success. That’s what I used to do when I gave one-on-one strategy sessions with entrepreneurs — help them say YES to their genius and then stop doing all of the things that were getting in the way of making things that felt good to make. I took that show on the road and did fire starter groups in living rooms and empty boardrooms. I went wherever anyone would have me. And after hearing about a lot of dreams, and fears, and sharing my very pointed opinions (some of which were stellar, some of which I should have kept to myself)…The Fire Starter Sessions was born. It’s based on pure experience with a side of poetics. And so…  

The Fire Starter Sessions is the permission slip you’ve been waiting for — to fully want what you want and go for it, to expand your consciousness and your cash flow, to up the ante on your dreams, to be incredibly generous with your love. After you dig into these straight-talking sermons and burning questions about your truest desires — from career to relationships — you’ll be clear that the only permission you need to shine … is your own.