The Desire Map Planner - Weekly Edition 2016 (Limited Edition)


The Desire Map Planner - Weekly Edition 2016 (Limited Edition)

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More Details:

Weekly Pages: The weekly pages takes an overview of what you want to accomplish for the week, sprinkled with prompts for positive declarations and #truthbombs. Each week has space for your Core Desired Feelings, daily to-do’s, and a list of 3 Things to accomplish for the week — because once you finish your priorities, everything else is gravy.

End of Week Check-in: An essential pause after your week that guides you to review the past seven days (Did it feel the way you wanted it to?) This journalling spread can be used at the end of the week or throughout, as a mid-week reflection — whatever feels right for you. Each spread has a unique Soul Prompt from Danielle — questions you may have never asked yourself; gratitude nudges; and space to think about what you want to change in your life. The weekly spread also has a page for free-writing your ideas, desires, and wisdom for 100 days of journaling.

Limited Edition Cover: This planner line also features original cover art from artist Marta Spendowska. This cover illustration was designed with 2016 in mind and is only available while quantities last.

  • US, CAD, and AUS holidays
  • Daily inspiration statements & soulful to-do lists
  • Astrology events from Anne Ortelee

Product specs:

  • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Spread(s)
  • 12 Months, January to December 2016
  • Light hardcover
  • Gold coil bound
  • Elastic closure band
  • Indented tabs
  • Handy inside front pocket
  • Perforated corners
  • 6.75″ x 8.5″
  • 224 Pages

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Our Cover Illustration

Marta designed the cover for our limited planner.  Her design style in her own words…

“Color, rhythm, pattern and a lyrical atmosphere is my focus now.  Living in America gave me an interesting distance to Poland and it’s cold, silver-gray, melancholic nature.  At this point I’m not sure what’s more influencing: the heavy, serious and emotionally gloomy but beautiful Poland or the joyful, native America.

My abstract flora merges my love for lyrical and poetic past and mother country with ever-present affection for color, uplift, cheer and optimism that is very American to me.  Abstract flora and botanicals reflect what’s delicate in me, what tends to be the most receptive and what would never be expressed back home.”

– Marta Spendowska |


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