The Desire Map Journal - VOLUME 1 (Signature Edition)


The Desire Map Journal - VOLUME 1 (Signature Edition)

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Infuse your life with the power of owning your desires and honouring your feelings— really honouring them. Complete with Soul Prompts, Gratitude lists, and “Want to Change” exercises, this journal is deep-but-lite, easy but stirring. You’ll look at “surface” questions with more depth and ask yourself things you never have before. You can pick it up any time for introspection, or rock through it in a weekend. Soul pages and motivation notes — get in there.

More Details:

Soul Prompt pages: Each journal page has space for notes, prompts for positive declarations, gratitude nudges, & your intentions. They also have a place for your Core Desired Feelings — a key part of the practice!

Free write pages: Let your soul write free! Every other page is open for you to write, write, write! The subliminal message is always “how do you want to feel?”

Signature Cover: A classic charcoal grey cover bound with gold coil — ‘cause you can always use more gold in your life.

Product specs:

  • Light hardcover
  • 6.75″ x 8.5″
  • softbound
  • Elastic closure band
  • 218 Pages
  • Purple ribbon bookmark


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