Joy Is Power


Joy Is Power

$7.00 USD
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This is our “Joy is Power” #Truthbomb tattoo.

3 words could change your mind, break open your heart, or soothe your soul. Power up your JOY and your POWER through the sacred act of adorning your skin with our first #Truthbomb tattoo.

Wear it as a reminder and a proclamation of your joy-full power. Give them away as gifts or sprinkle them on the table at your next Desire Map workshop. The truth shines brightest.

This set features 2 individual temporary tattoos of the “Joy is Power” #Truthbomb.

Product specs:

  • 2 temporary tattoos
  • 2.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Black ink
  • FDA approved for cosmetic applications
  • Made in USA


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