Sonic Collection: Idea Fairies & Creativity


Sonic Collection: Idea Fairies & Creativity

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The right words, just when you need them, right where you are: introducing Sonic Collections.

Idea Fairies & Creativity is an audio love-gram from me to you. It’s eight pieces designed to stoke your creative fire and fuel your self-expression. 

This sonic collection includes:

  1. 6 opinions on having a creative opinion (But only my opinions. Because… opinionated.)
  2. Criticising your creative process? No, baby, no
  3. When does the idea fairy like to visit you?
  4. What's your Creativity Pattern?
  5. Random notes on my writing process
  6. Purification. Pain. Passion. And marrying your soul. Or… how to tap your deep creativity.
  7. The biggest threat to your creativity
  8. How do you know when your creation is finished? Like, you’re done working on it and it’s time to let it go

Listen to the audio wherever you are in the world, and in your life.

Download all of the Sonic Collections and get ready for immediate, all-encompassing enlightenment to strike. Or just some sweet soul comfort.

This is about creative expression and how you show up in the world.

All Light. 

Product specs:

  • Immediate download
  • 30:28 minutes of audio
  • Audio formats you’ll receive: MP3

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