Sonic Collection: Love, Less Complicated


Sonic Collection: Love, Less Complicated

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The right words, just when you need them, right where you are: introducing Sonic Collections.

Love, Less Complicated is an audio love-gram from me to you. It’s eight honest pieces to shine some light on how you relate to others and yourself.

This sonic collection includes:

  1. Why jerks show up in your life
  2. One night stands and other sacred containers not always meant to be breached
  3. Your friends, your freedom, and getting off your ass for Love
  4. Some fame, too much coolness, and the kindness that makes everything okay
  5. Just don't expect crazy people to be sane (cause that's crazy)
  6. What I know about working with people (and yes, this also applies to romance—as does most business advice)
  7. Spill your desire to love and be loved everywhere
  8. #TellThemNow The intimacy of gratitude will blow your life wide open

Listen to the audio wherever you are — in the world, and in your life.

Download all of the Sonic Collections and get ready for immediate, all-encompassing enlightenment to strike. Or just some sweet soul comfort.

Here’s to every kind of love.

More Love.

Product specs:

  • Immediate download
  • 27:07 minutes of audio
  • Audio formats you’ll receive: MP3