The Creation Space Meditation Kit


The Creation Space Meditation Kit

$25.00 USD USD
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When someone asks me how I stay creative or healthy I say: I meditate. What’s the best way to get unstuck in your life? Meditate. Best piece of advice for someone just getting started in their career?...yup...Meditate.

Let’s pause right here. I know you may have tried to meditate and it felt like a mental straightjacket that your wandering mind was trying to bust out of. I know. Or maybe you’re a devout prayer and/or meditator and you know the power of tapping into that luminous space. I know.

I have something for all of us — regardless of faith practice, resistance, or cosmic sophistication.

The Creation Space Meditation. It’s a meditative experience and a vivid visualization. We layer in English mantras and an invocation so that these sacred practices move together as one vibrant organism. This is about basking in the energy of the Divine Feminine Principle to bring healing to your nervous system — feeding your energy bodies nutrients for equilibrium.

I practice this meditation a few times a week. It's sensual and delicious and it gets even better over time. I use the Creation Space Meditation when I want to make something new happen — a better way of being, an idea that I want to bring into form. When my loyal body needs some healing, I get myself into the Creation Space and just...bask.

The complete Creation Space Meditation Kit includes:

  • 10 + 20-minute audio versions of the Creation Space Meditation
  • Introduction + meditation theory (and cheerleading) audio from Danielle
  • Written formats + a meditation cue card (so you don’t use your digital device to refer to meditation how-to’s!)
  • Suggested essential oils + body postures to further open you up to the nourishment
  • Journal exercises

The Creation Space Meditation Kit is $25 USD, with $5 going to our charities fund!*

There are two ways to work with this light:

  1. Buy one kit for yourself for $25
  2. OR gift it forward and save: Get the program for yourself PLUS send it to a friend for $35. So you get 2 kits for $35. We still donate money to charity, and we’ll email your gifted kit to your friend with a love note from you. To purchase for more friends email us at Spread the love and the light.

If you'd like to make a bulk purchase of kits for a group or a LOT of your friends, please contact us at

See you in The Creation Space.

One Love,



The Creation Space Meditation

Meditation, especially when you bring in visualization, can be lush and sensual. In fact, that’s precisely the kind of energy that can make some meditation practices so healing and effective.

Here’s the vibe: Emerald green flowing nutrients. Lavish healing. Gracefully forming and effortlessly growing. Luminous. The intention is to bring the supple and generous energy of creation into your being. The Creation Space Meditation helps you tap into that Divine Feminine principle that is eternally generating nourishment.

Physiologicallythis meditation helps to vitalize your Central Nervous System (CNS) — the pathway that carries signals between your brain and your spinal cord. The CNS influences thought processes, body sensations, and movement.

Psychologically, the Creation Space Meditation is for stabilizing yourself in disruptive times. In this space, you will be fully supported by the Sacred Divine Feminine Principle. So despite all that’s falling apart in the outer world, you are creating an energetic sanctuary that you can rest in. You’ll be finding equanimity while being nourished at the same time.

Esoterically, this is a sacred instrument for enlivening all the elements that constitute your “energy bodies” that co-exist with your physical body: the etheric body (the blueprint/foundation), the astral body (water), the mental body (fire), and the intuitional body (air).

*Charity Details:

$5 USD from each kit sold is shared with three charitable causes:
1. Eve Ensler’s VDay, a global movement to end violence against women and girls.
2. Charity: Water, to bring safe drinking water to everyone in the world.
3. A disaster relief fund. We set aside one third of the monies raised to be disbursed to local relief efforts if/when major natural disasters occur.




Hi Danielle,

I just listened to the mantra and I felt immediately moved by this mantra and very quickly I started crying deeply. I kept repeating these words “I wanna go home”, ” take me home.” I have listened the entire hour and the final 15 minutes I just felt exhausted… It’s 09:30 pm over here so I am going to bed now. Thank you for sharing this mantra, it has had, and probably will have, a deep impact on me.

Amel Msellemi


The meditation you didn’t think you needed.

I felt lighter, my soul felt rich and centered. I even had the Green Tara Mantra Danielle recommended in her follow up email, on all day to remind me of the lush work I did earlier. And that prayer? I am…the temple, altar, prayer, practice. Speaks to me on SO many levels. I find myself returning to it before drifting off to sleep.

Cristina Trinidad


I am very excited about the Creation Space Meditation. Everything I have done with Danielle LaPorte has been great. So far, I have completed the introduction to the Creation Space Meditation, but in the intro Danielle set up the rest of the experience beautifully with her no bs, truthbombs, and real attitude. I am very much looking forward to completing this journey with Danielle as my guide.

Theresa MC


Thank you so so so much for this program! I have been struggling to mediate for years. I was convinced meditation was not me. This meditation was absolutely amazing!!! I was so moved by the feelings I was feeling I cried. I felt so much healing, gratitude, and relaxation. I can’t wait to do this meditation again as well as the others in the program. If I can start my day with these feelings everyday I will be unstoppable. I struggle with my health and I know this practice along with Danielle’s teaching, I will do what I am here to do.

Thank you so very very much.

Amanda Johnson


I have been meditating for quite a while for the stillness however this experience with Danielle is powerful in invoking your inner connection to your most divine and creative essence.

Skye Jennifer


The Creation Space has been a blessing. Meditation is something that I aim to do everyday — this makes it easy! I love the prayer card reference and the guided visualization that takes me to a happy place. xo

Ann Marie McKenzie


Absolutely the sweetest contentment I’ve felt this week. Gratitude and Respect for you.


You, me, my hubby, many unknown friends around the world (and the ether), plus all my energy bodies… basking hard core in that emerald Divine lushness together. Magic. Gracias. Thank you. Merci.



The first meditation had me weeping for so many reasons. Thank you.


It’s seriously beautiful, Danielle. I was so excited to return to the creation space this morning!

Erin Katterhenry Nelson


Hello Danielle and Team D,

Thank you for this experience. Danielle, when you described your commitment issues with meditation, and how your version of meditation was luscious, I lit up, it was like you had read my mind. It was very comforting you had a very similar experience to mine (and have inspired me to add more lushness to areas of life where it’s been sucked out). Will patiently wait for the next meditation series while I reside in my bioluminescence rain forest as I contemplate the resistance I feel there. Pretty sure that will keep me occupied till then!

Well wishes and happy autumn,


Hi Danielle,

I really enjoyed this meditation experience – thank you! The creation space feels warm, welcome, and oh so divine!




Danielle, who credits green juice to fueling her digital empire, was a director for a think tank on future studies prior to founding her wildly popular website. She also explored the fundamentals of Buddhist meditation. “I’m as stoked about pop culture as eastern mysticism,” Danielle says. “I’ve had conversations with thousands of women about what ‘success’ really means, and I’ve concluded that the best self-help is self compassion. And, true self love includes serving the world around you.”

Danielle believes that our relationship to ambition is inside out, which is why she wrote: The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul. The book turned into an international facilitator’s program. She also wrote the book, The Fire Starter Sessions, to shake up notions of success.

Danielle, who is “often mistaken as an extrovert,” lives in Vancouver with her favorite person, her 12-year-old son. Her charity of choice is Eve Ensler’s V-Day, a movement to end violence against women and girls, because she believes that empowered women heal everything around them.

Oprah's SuperSoul 100


Danielle is our OM girl! Her highly entertaining and engaging talk was a huge hit with our Yoga Journal audience. Danielle and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with from their pre-event support all the way through to the end of the night. Our team was highly impressed with Danielle’s personal attention to the attendees during the book signing that followed her event. Everyone left the event on cloud nine!

Yoga Journal Renee LaRose, Yoga Journal LIVE!


Danielle LaPorte left quite an impression with our attendees at The Art of Leadership for Women. Her time on stage was incredibly engaging and packed with content. Our audience has been raving about Danielle long after the conference ended and she was definitely one of our top rated speakers. It was an honour having Danielle on our stage.

The Art of Productions, Inc.


Danielle LaPorte is equal parts poet and entrepreneurial badass. … edgy, contrarian, …loving and inspired.

Entrepreneur Magazine


Self-help meets marketing ninja.


… nobody puts out poetic motivation like Danielle does. The Desire Map is a hotline to your truth.

Gabrielle BernsteinMay Cause Miracles


Inspiration, innovation, and self-worth are just some of elements that Danielle LaPorte will fill you up with … guaranteed to wow you.


Danielle is a yoga-powered champion of YOU-ness. She has accomplished something extraordinary.

Sara Gottfried M.DThe Hormone Cure


With an organic elegance The Desire Map couples our primal desire-energy with the inborn intelligence of our feelings. The result? Optimizing our time on Earth. LaPorte’s joie de vivre is contagious.

Michael BeckwithLife Visioning


The Desire Map has such life and truth and passion; what could be better than re-aligning yourself daily with your heart’s desire?

Geneen RothWomen, Food and God

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