Sacred Geometry Collection #1 Silver


Sacred Geometry Collection #1 Silver

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Shapes have energetic vibrations. Sacred geometry symbols are steeped in centuries of mystical devotion. This temporary tat collection brings together some of the most iconic and powerful sacred geometry symbols. This collection includes 3 individual temporary tattoos (2 of each design): Metatron’s Cube, Flower of Life, Vesica Piscis.

You will receive 6 individual tattoos.

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Product specs:

  • 2 of each symbol = 6 temporary tattoos
  • 3 x 3 inches
  • Gold or Silver, metallic ink
  • FDA approved for cosmetic applications


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METATRON’S CUBE is governed by the Archangel Metatron, who oversees bringing spiritual knowledge into form. Metatron is cited in Judaism, and some branches of Christianity and Islamic traditions. He is a great Angel to call on to move your ideas into reality— he’s the guy who helps you get stuff DONE. Meta + tron = “beyond the matrix.” And you want out of the matrix, right?

The shape itself contains all geometrical shapes that exist in physical matter — from snowflakes to the human eye. Thirteen equal circles extend with lines to twelve outer circles. It represents our body within three-dimensional space and time. Ether to matter.

For me, this tattoo is a reminder that my creative energy will find its way into the world. I always wear it where I can see it while I’m working — making my stuff, knowing that the cosmos has my back.



FLOWER OF LIFE is a sacred symbol that shows up in temples, churches and sacred texts, from early Egypt, to the Kabbalah and Christianity. Its overlapping circles create symbolic connections to the Seed of Life. Made up of nineteen complete circles and thirty six arcs in a large enclosing circle, The Flower of Life is considered “the perfect form”. It’s been analyzed by architects; artists (Leonardo DaVinci was a big Flower of Life fan); and mathematicians. Metaphysicians and soul-seekers love meditating on this sacred geometry symbol.

I love this tat anywhere on the body— shoulders, nape of the neck…but especially when it’s centered. I also think this makes a great belly-blessing tattoo— for fertility, for sexy femininity, for happy girl parts and second chakra celebration.



VESICA PISCIS represents the communion of two to create a third. God meets Goddess. Sun meets moon. Heaven meets earth. Ooo la laaaa. And ommm. As you can see, it’s the intersection of two equal circles in which the center of each circle is met by the outside of the other circle— it’s the perfect meeting. Some forms of Kabbalah give the Vesica Piscis particular respect. Some metaphysical philosophy interpret this is as the female yoni. Ancient Egypt’s mathematicians used the shapes’ principles in sacred buildings. The center is called the mandorla, which is often used to surround Christ in imagery— which is why this is also called the “Jesus Fish” symbol.

This symbol melts my heart. The first time I saw the Vesica Piscis, I was transfixed— my soul was remembering something sacred. I’ve been hearing stories of brides wearing this tat for their weddings, and women putting it in secret places for first dates, and sexy lovin’. Like I said: ooo la laaaaa. And ommm.


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