The Love Series Tattoo Collection Black


The Love Series Tattoo Collection Black

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This temporary tat collection brings together some my most Loving symbols. This collection includes 2 of each word and symbol for a total of 8 tattoos. Wear them on your heart, across your belly, or on the tops of your feet so that you see them and remember you are Love. Be the Love.

Shima shima shima

Pronounced “she-mah”, this is a Hopi word for Love. Hold your hand on your heart and repeat it until you feel all melty and expanded — 108 times would be ideal. But, start where you can. Shima, shima, shima.


Because. If you Love love, there’s more love to love.

Geometrical Heart

Perfect geometry of the heart. Interlocking perfect square, and two circles.

Aham Prema

Pronounced ah-hum pray-mah, this is Sanskrit for “I am Divine Love”. Chant this over and over and over again — because it’s truth. Deva Premal has a beautiful sung mantra of this.

Want it in Gold? Click Here.  How about Silver? Click Here


Product specs:

  • 2 of each word and symbol = 8 temporary tattoos
  • 2 x 2 inches
  • Gold or Silver, metallic ink or Black ink
  • FDA approved for cosmetic applications
  • Made in USA


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