#Truthbomb Tattoo Collection #1


#Truthbomb Tattoo Collection #1

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Sometimes, it just takes one sentence to change your mind, break open your heart, soothe your soul or hit you like a #Truthbomb.

Now you can adorn yourself with some of my favourite #Truthbombs. Temporary tats for your body temple. This collection includes 2 of each of the following #Truthbomb temporary tattoos and 1 Brave Love tattoo:

  • French kiss life
  • You can. And you will
  • Authenticity is magnetic
  • Love rewards the brave
  • Lack of passion is fatal
  • Choose to shine
  • I see you
  • It's going to be okay
  • Love love
  • Brave Love

Intention + the right amount of pressure = sacred ink. The best tattoos function as a stand-in for what you cherish most. Say a prayer as you're applying them. Alone in your bathroom, around the kitchen table with your best girlfriends, or at your next Desire Map workshop. Adorn yourself. Adorn each other. Let it be sacred.

Product specs:

  • 2 of each word = 19 temporary tattoos
  • 2 x 2 inches
  • Truthbomb: black ink
  • Brave Love: metallic gold ink
  • FDA approved for cosmetic applications
  • Made in USA


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