Resentment. And how to (un)block your prosperity.


When my first company tanked, I was on the hook for about $150,000. Before I got slammed with that fact, my CEO, who I hired to run the company, thought it best to fire my Founder’s ass. Shortly after they canned me, the whole business fell apart — because you can’t have a personality-driven business without um, the founding personality there. And because, bad karma…

“Don’t get ahead of yourself”…can suck it.


If you’re a horse, you will probably always act like a horse. You’ll run all horse-like, and crave wide, open spaces. Like horses do. Because…you’re a for real horse…

People may ask you to be less fidgety at the gate — don’t get too excited. Or you shouldn’t take up so much space when you clippety clop into a room. And, Why do you always want to run? Can’t you not want to run as much? Not really…you’re a horse. All of you is a horse. You’re not part horse, and part cat — in fact, you’re a purebred.

Question if you still love what you once loved


We hold on. Because Love does that. Embracing, rocking, reserving space. Love holds, it treasures, it tucks away for safe keeping, it loyally protects. Holding on is one of the many great powers of Love.

To people. To relationships with people. To ideas we had about the people we relate to. We hold on to our bad habits of relating. I’ll be weak so you can feel strong. I’ll be strong so you won’t see me weak. I’ll do it so you don’t have to. I’ll confuse things because if clarity happens, things will have to change.

One of my bigger announcements: We will be LICENSING The Desire Map process. So all you workshoppers, coaches, teachers, yoginis… prepare to lift OFF!


After a lot of deep thinking, team jamming, and hundreds of requests over the last two years… we are going to license The Desire Map material so that… coaches, workshop leaders, community leaders, yoga teachers, school teachers, trainers, facilitators, and all kinds of inspirational mavens can offer Desire Map programs and earn their own money doing so.


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