The real you is waiting. In here. Not out there.

You can’t patch your Soul’s truth together with workshops, and a wardrobe, and identity choices. You’ll likely spend half of your life trying to do just that. Composing. Polishing. Packaging. Facing outward, even though it’s all inward. Eventually, you’ll stop looking out there. In the middle of the noise and the obligations it will dawn on you (maybe right now) that the real you emerges… Read More

You’re going to feel guilty

The guilty feeling associated with desire, with going after what you want, with transforming….you know that feeling? It’s like tar on your mojo. Maybe you were raised in an environment where desire was considered a negative thing. Or your social circle constantly reinforces the message that you shouldn’t dare to bust out. And maybe you frequently feel guilty for wanting what you want — and you know that it’s causing blocks in your life… Read More