One of my bigger announcements: We will be LICENSING The Desire Map process. So all you workshoppers, coaches, teachers, yoginis… prepare to lift OFF!

After a lot of deep thinking, team jamming, and hundreds of requests over the last two years… we are going to license The Desire Map material so that… coaches, workshop leaders, community leaders, yoga teachers, school teachers, trainers, facilitators, and all kinds of inspirational mavens can offer Desire Map programs and earn their own money doing so.

Terrifically real, sometimes vulnerable, protective, and wildly blessed. What happens when you become a bit visible.

Public visibility is a wonderful cocktail of euphoria, responsibility, satisfaction, and guilt. Not many people talk about what happens when their “profile” grows. It might be the fear of, you know, being perceived as a raging egomaniac ingrate. But here goes…

New, little big deals. Is this the week you do what you’ve been scared of?

My friend Robindra promised he’d show me some DJ ropes (because I wanna spin and mix and stuff when I grow up). He got a gig in North Van and said I could tag along for the night. So I Facebook’d about it, mentioned the locale, said it was a great way to kick off my birthday week, and I put on my black high tops to head out…


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