New, little big deals. Is this the week you do what you’ve been scared of?


My friend Robindra promised he’d show me some DJ ropes (because I wanna spin and mix and stuff when I grow up). He got a gig in North Van and said I could tag along for the night. So I Facebook’d about it, mentioned the locale, said it was a great way to kick off my birthday week, and I put on my black high tops to head out… Read More


It’s happening. Love notes and happy holidays.

There was a Desire Map Karaoke Meet and Greet in Houston, and I’ve heard stories about people hugging their postal carrier when shipments arrive. Now THAT’s the spirit. The only place you can get all of The Desire Map goodies for the month of December is here on my site. (The book and audios launch January 1st in North American bookstores. Late January and February in Europe and Australia.) Depending on where you live, if you order today, you can still get everything delivered in time for Christmas. Read More