The story of Freddy & the iPhone — and 4 questions for Creatives

I’ve been thinking on behalf of Creatives everywhere. I have some questions for us: What have you got in your archive that can be turned into art today? We’re so occupied with creating new and innovative that we can forget our past experiments or the ideas whose time hasn’t come yet. Remember that one idea you had…? Dust it off now and see if it’s got some glimmer to it…. Read More

What’s your Creativity Pattern?

As artists (and we’re all artists) we have patterns of creating. A way that we typically make things happen. A style in which we pull ideas down from the ethers and put them into form. It usually takes a while to figure out what your pattern of creativity is. You need to have cranked out a few projects, raised a few babies, made a few flops and masterpieces to have something to ‘retrospect’ on… Read More