Come on, get app-y. Team D’s favourite apps for work & play.

Team D rocks — we’re consistently kind and laser-focused (except when we’re not, which is usually for some divine, as-yet-unknown reason). We all LOVE making stuff, our animals, the right font kerning, and good music. Our creativity and productivity flow has got to be A+ to back up our dreams. Here’s a roundup of our favourite apps for work and play.


Voice Memos: Record and email or text short audios
Voice Memos on the iPhone. This is my new thing with girlfriends. I’ve started to send Voice Memos back n’ forth with a bunch of my besties. I can record a Voice Memo while I’m waiting to board a plane, or have some time on my back deck, alone. Record. Text. Love! We’re having lots of laughs and baring our souls – as usual, but even more so.

I also make voice memos for my team when I’m just too bushed to type another word, or an email just won’t convey it. Super efficient. And… all of the MP3s of my blog posts? Yep – I just use Voice Memos. Easy breezy (but I have to do each recording in one go, with no editing. Good thing I’m a one-take-wonder.)
For directions on how to make and send Voice Memos on Macs, CLICK HERE.

Voice Dictation: Speak at your Mac gear instead of typing
I had an iPhone for three years before I realized what the itty bitty microphone icon on the bottom left of the keypad was for. Voice dictation revolutionized my communication productivity. I ramble out poems into Notes. I talk out gushy texts. Then I, gasp, discovered that my MacBook and iPad had the same itty bitty microphone function, and I started voicing out emails and blog posts. Heaven.
For directions on the voice dictation tool for Macbooks, CLICK HERE.

Songza: Curated music. Play lists galore.
I’m in deep like with Songza. I get exposed to a lot of new music and old music that I forgot I loved. The playlists are sharply curated. My favourites (which accurately sum up my personality): “Boogie Nights Pool Party,” “Celestial Love,” “Classic Rock Workout,” “Performance-Enhancing Pop,” “Hamptons Beach Traffic,” and “Obsessively New.”


Instapaper: Read Internet content in a clean and uncluttered way.
Instapaper is a huge part of my workflow. I don’t always have time to read an article I come across in that moment, so I send it to my Instapaper account to catch up later. If you see me looking down at my phone, I am not texting or on Facebook — I guarantee you I am looking at my Instapaper app. Tip: Instapaper has great integration with my other favorite workflow apps — Feedly and Simplenote.

Tiny Wings: Help a little bird fly!
My go-to app when my brain needs a break. Love that little bird and the colorful scenery.


Sunrise: Integrate and organize your calendar.
If I don’t have all calls, meetings, etc. down in one place, I WILL miss them. I like how Sunrise integrates all my calendars, the weather, moon phases, and stuff happening on social media (like Facebook birthdays). It’s so darn pretty. And the chime reminders make me smile.

Lumosity: Exercise core cognitive abilities.
Brain training, yeah! I like these fun little memory and speed games. It’s also nice to know I’m keeping my brain healthy.


Asana: Put conversations & tasks together.
Best project management tool for me.

Flipboard: Curate a personal digital magazine.
It helps me to stay connected and updated to almost everything. I seldom watch TV, so I go to this app to check for news and stuff. I like that I can personalize it based on my interests.


Adobe EchoSign: Sign and exchange docs online.
I’m working on several fun video projects at the moment, and EchoSign has made getting video release forms signed on the fly a cakewalk. With their iOS app, you can sign formal documents on your screen, with your finger! Easy peasy.

HowAboutWe: Connect with people in your area and go on better dates.
You post an idea for something you’d like to do with someone else, like “How about we go to this cooking class?” or “How about we have a picnic in the park?” People who are interested in joining you send you a notification, you read through their profiles, pick one, and away you go!


Evernote: Take notes, sync files across devices, and more.
Evernote is one of my favourite apps to help boost my efficiency at work and in my personal life too. I love the way it allows me to quickly open a new note, capture thoughts, facts or resources and save quickly. My Evernote notebooks include lists of interesting websites or digital resources, meeting notes, drafts of writing projects, notes related to course work and much more.

Fluff Friends Rescue: Build and run a virtual pet rescue.
I have to admit that I don’t spend much leisure time playing with apps, BUT as a busy, multi-tasking mom, I will say that the most popular app used for play on my phone, is… Fluff Rescue. My two girls get a kick out of this fun app which allows you to build and run your own pet rescue centre.

And then there’s our #1 team favourite: The Conversation Starters App. Because every time you truly connect with someone in conversation, your consciousness expands.

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