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Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life.


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How do you want to feel?

We have the procedures of achievement upside down. Typically we come up with our to-do lists, our bucket lists, and our strategic plans — all the stuff we want to have, get, accomplish, and experience outside of ourselves. All of those aspirations are being driven by an innate desire to feel a certain way.

How do you want to feel…

when you look at your schedule for the week?

when you get dressed in the morning?

when you walk through the door of your office?

when you pick up the phone?

when you cash the check?

when you fall in love?

when you accept the award?

when you make the sale?

What if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions? What if your most desired feelings consciously informed how you plan your day, your year, your career, your holidays — your life?

You know what will happen with that kind of inner clarity and outer action? You’ll feel the way you want to feel more often than not. Decisions will be easier to make: You’ll know what to say no to and what to say hell-yes to. You’ll be more optimistic, more open-hearted. It will be easier for you to return to your center in the midst of a challenge.

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Desire Map Events

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Jul. 30, 2016
Led By: Vanessa Crites

The Desire Map Workshop LEVEL 1 – JULY 30 & 31, 2016

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Jul. 31, 2016

Intro to The Desire Map

VIRTUAL EVENT | Jul. 31, 2016
Led By: Deborah Linehan

Private, Virtual Desire Map Level 1

VIRTUAL EVENT | Aug. 1, 2016
Led By: Sandi Amorim

Cosmic Creation: From Thought to Reality

What people are saying about The Desire Map

Being a Desire Map Facilitator has given me the opportunity to do what I am most passionate about: connecting with and supporting people who want more out of life — people who aren’t willing to settle and who want to push the limits of feeling good.

Marcy Cruice, Desire Map Facilitator

Once my life began to feel better as a result of the Desire Map process, I wanted everyone to know what I’d discovered. I wanted to teach the process, and as a professional Coach, I also wanted a way to use the process with integrity. Finding out licensing was becoming available was like a genie granting my wish, and I was so eager to begin I ran my first workshop within a month of the official launch.

Karen Main, Desire Map Facilitator
Valuable. True. Nimble. Connected.

The Desire Map is an incredible entry point to further coaching. It offered me a ready-made workshop to get started with, and it gives me a platform to speak from, complete with workbooks and a range of support materials for my clients. The Desire Map creates a common language right away.

Meghan Neeley, Desire Map Facilitator
WholeHearted. Authentic. Luxury.

Being a facilitator has made me more fluid as a yoga teacher. To be more open, less rigid, and to stand in the questions as a student and teacher. Some of that is attributed to years of teaching experience, but some of it, I know, comes from Desire Mapping.

Maria Merrill, Desire Map Facilitator
Plugged In. Brave. Nourished.

To be a Desire Map Facilitator is to be a big-hearted leader — for others for sure, but most importantly for myself. To lead myself is to commit to my own happiness, empowerment, and success. It is to commit to living in alignment with feeling reallllly good as much as possible and to simply show others the way through leading by example.

Courtney Sinclair, Desire Map Facilitator
Strong. Rad. Sun Kissed. Wild Within. Party In My Heart.

This work is deep, soul-level expansion and life-time sisterhood friendships are formed every time. Deep, light, soul-nourishing, belly-aching laughter, cleansing tears, meaningful conversations, and a sacred container for whatever each person desires. I feel blessed and privileged to have this as part of my “work.”

Louise George, Desire Map Facilitator
Bodhi. Queen. Zephyr. Magical.

The Desire Map speaks to the heart, giving my clients the permission to feel the way they’ve always wanted. It’s the perfect addition to any coaching toolbox and brings about real results. It helps guide my clients home, teaching them to tune into their intuition and follow the whispers of their soul. My coaching practice would feel empty without it now.

Simone Russell, Desire Map Facilitator
Ease. Spacious. Connection.

The Desire Map is deep work — it’s life changing, and it’s what we have to do to connect with our higher purpose in life. Beyond that, it’s about finding our true happiness. It gets better with every event and coaching experience. I feel like the luckiest woman alive to be a facilitator of this life-changing and valuable experience.

Connie Kanella Aramento, Desire Map Facilitator
Creative. Intuitive. Inspirational. Abundance. Balanced.

Becoming a Desire Map Facilitator was a critical step in taking my heart-based business beyond the walls of the yoga studio. The curriculum has been essential in bridging the transformation that occurs on the mat and giving students the tools to continue the work off the mat.

Dani March, Desire Map Facilitator
Magnetic. Radiant. Reverence.

I am so on fire for this work. This program was the key that unlocked the door to my more. I want to share it with everyone — I can’t stop talking about it. I see it as the essential foundation for a thriving meaningful life. It is part of the sacred revolution we all need!

Elisha Clark Halpin, Desire Map Facilitator
Spacious. Blissful. Abundant. Sacred. Creative.

Becoming a Desire Map Licensee helped me find my authentic voice as a yoga teacher. It gave me tools and accessible language to infuse more soul into my yoga classes. It’s helped set me apart from the plentitude of amazing yoga teachers on the west coast, creating opportunities for differentiation and international recognition.

Chantal Russell, Desire Map Facilitator
Nourish. Paris. Wild Soul. Free. Devotion.

The Desire Map explores concepts that offer a new perspective, a fresh lens, and a chance to shift our modern day goal-setting paradigms. It embodies being authentically raw and unapologetically “selfish” with how you want to feel.

Ashley Beels, Desire Map Facilitator
Meraki. Connection. Dynamic. Affinity. Savasana.

Becoming a Desire Map Licensee was a full-body “Yes!” from the get-go. I followed that physical intuition and haven’t looked back. Becoming a licensee and continuing to renew my license correlates to freedom, power and intentionality. It folds into my way of being seamlessly and with extraordinary value.

Deborah Linehan, Desire Map Facilitator
Mudita. Creatrix. Home. Freedom.

When I first began to devour the concepts of Desire Mapping it was like meeting a new person you just know will be a lifelong kindred friend. The Desire Map marries so synchronistically with my style of coaching, my offerings, and my belief system. There was no way I could not become a facilitator and coach of this work.

Marisa Clare, Desire Map Facilitator
Sacred Connection. Divine Expansion. Golden. Joyfully Playful. Grace.

Because of The Desire Map, I went from feeling very unsure about who I was and how to be in the world, to knowing at a soul level, every aspect of my personality and feeling very confident about putting myself out into the world.

Viki Stanley-Hutchinson, Desire Map Facilitator
Surrendered. Soulful. Naked. Rockstar. Playful. Divinely Feminine & Sexy.

My biggest delight during the workshop was when each attendee claimed their Core Desired Feelings with the support, witnessing, and cheers of the entire group. We were literally surrounded by how we wanted to feel. So sacred and powerful. And after the workshop, I realized I had acquired a new core desired feeling of my own — I guess you can’t teach transformative work without being transformed yourself!

Pace Smith, Desire Map Facilitator

I am not a great public speaker, so the idea of speaking to a group of women was overwhelming at first. But then I remembered the quote: “Fear is just excitement without taking a breath.” So I just decided to make the jump and spend a little extra time preparing for the specific sections that I was a little insecure about, and it paid off. Everything has been great!

Lauren Dubinsky, Desire Map Facilitator

The simplicity of the workshop curriculum makes it dreamy to facilitate while the depth of the content creates a deep and meaningful impact for the participants. And personally, since becoming a Licensee, my level of business savvy has expanded and so has my impact.

Gemma Stone, Desire Map Facilitator

The clarity I have now (after the workshop) is amazing. I know how to do things differently from now on, to get to what I want to feel everyday.

Palomi Sheth, Desire Map Workshop Participant

I’ve been through (and led) many leadership and growth workshops and I can honestly say The Desire Map workshop has been one of the most powerful I’ve experienced. The exercises, the journal time, the clear and encouraging facilitation and the support of the other participants all contributed to a stellar event.

Pamela Sampel, Desire Map Workshop Participant

Leading the workshops has felt quite effortless, because you’re really just guiding a great, meaningful conversation. This work has a way of flowing (it goes deep but it gets there easily) that is quite unique.

Sandi Amorim, Desire Map Facilitator

The Desire Map Licensing Program has been the battery charge my business needed. Being part of this movement has given me exposure I wasn’t able to generate on my own.

L'Erin Alta, Desire Map Facilitator

The visibility I got from this association with Danielle’s brand was significant. At my second retreat, people flew in from Denver, Seattle, Texas… This was a much bigger reach than I’ve had with my other women’s retreats.

Alex Mazerolle, Desire Map Facilitator

Stories from Desire Mappers

Bethany Sanchez

Director of Helping Hearts Academy

“What [my students] do with their CDF's every day is remind me that more than anything they want love, to feel good, to be happy, to be connected.”

Kate McCombs

Sex & Relationship Educator

"What I noticed after doing The Desire Map and expressing my core desired feelings to my husband was that he just got cleverer about making my life more wonderful."

Liz Dialto

Host of the Untame Podcast

"When your barometer is your core desired feelings, you're not comparing yourselves to others."

Rochelle Schieck

Author and Creator of Qoya

"When I was building my website I said I want it to feel like how my work feels. It was so amazing to feel that sense of integrity."

Stephanie Watanabe

Lifestyle Blogger

"The Desire Map was the first time that I actually set goals for myself. So I look at it as a Master's Degree in goal setting."

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