The Desire Map Book Club

The Desire Map Book Clubs are happening all around the world. Manhatten, Johannessburg, Chicago, Vancouver, LA, Melbourne, Paris. The first year we launched, 500+ groups got together in the first two months. It totally blew us away. This has turned into a sweet phenomenon of meaningful conversations, community, and a-ha’s. All you need is a book and an open heart.

The Details

Find existing Desire Map Book Clubs
Book club leaders from all over the world post their info in the book club doc on The Desire Map Facebook page. Find a group in your area (or a virtual one!) and connect.

Where to meet
The back room at your local book store or cafe. Your living room. Or a different living room each time. Or go virtual and do tele-meets or something like Google Hangouts.

Start your own group
Invite your friends + family. Put up a flyer at the local book store. Alert your social media tribe. And, of course, post your plans in the book club doc on The Desire Map Facebook page. 

Ideal amount of people
Have as many members as feels comfortable for you. 2, 5, 10, 20. Totally your call.

What to talk about...

Whatever you want…You could do one chapter at a time. Or do the workbook exercises from one life area per meeting. Spend an entire meeting discussing one paragraph, or rock out ten pages. There are plenty of free audio clips of Danielle talking about Desire and the actual desire mapping process. You could kick off each meeting by tuning in and then jamming as a group.

But hey! Even better…We designed an app for this very, specific awesome purpose — just for you. The Conversation Starters: A Desire Map app to fuel deep, meaningful conversations with your fellow book club members. Scroll through a series of Desire Map and universal questions, and your group will be talking and thinking big thoughts non-stop.

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Getting together to communicate about things that matter to each other… well… it’s magical, noble, meaningful stuff. It’s where life happens. I hope you’re as thrilled about all of this as I am.

Go talk your hearts out.

I love the face to face interaction with other people who feel connected to The Desire Map experience and all things related. Being able to actually pull off a face to face meet up here in London where we are all strangers was super satisfying!

Pip Dudrah London, UK

The highlights: The bonding, the intimacy, the thrill of doing something so empowering and for ourselves, doing something completely different and unique in our country (El Salvador), talking about REAL stuff.

Shannon Falkenstein Sta Tecla, El Salvador

This has been one of the most freeing, loving, healing and uproariously laughing experiences I’ve had. Ditto for the women involved. The connection — knowing we aren’t alone — and the pure joy that comes from sisterhood is soul food. Thank you so much for this.

Lisa O’Brien North Greenbush, NY

Since our relationships are connected through our sons playing hockey together, we don’t spend a lot of time together out of the rink. This made it feel very safe. Without skin in each other’s games outside of hockey, there was fabulous honesty and hearty exchanges.

Kristi Orr Leesburg, VA

I loved sitting around a table with three other women and one brave guy and getting vulnerable. We had tears, we had at least one big AH-HA per session and per person.

Angie Mattson Pisgah Forest, NC

The most amazing feeling was to see how the members have actually changed. They energy shifted towards the end of our session and everyone was noticing this. There were actual results, like people going for that job interview being more authentic and guided by their core desired feelings and getting the job!

Elena Selivan Lexington, MA

Each member contributed their unique insights to discussions. There was so much energy and engagement by everyone, and I was blown away by the honesty and openness in a group situation. Sharing experiences and our different beliefs and values and talking these through in a safe an respectful environment was amazing. It has been LIFE CHANGING!!!

Rebecca Weatherill Rose Park, Austrailia

We went deep, fast! The material helped us get past the social niceties to what’s important in a way that, I think, surprised many.

Sandi Amorim Vancouver, CA

The highlights: The positive feedback from people who attended the meetings, any expression of gratitude. Watching people begin to open up. Hearing about when someone made a change. When the group laughed. Feeling like I am being carried by the momentum.

Lara Buelow San Francisco, CA

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