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Jonathan Mead

The Desire Map is her best work ever … it’s incredible, life-changing stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

Geneen Roth Women, Food and God and Lost and Found

The Desire Map has such life and truth and passion; what could be better than re-aligning yourself daily with your heart’s desire?

Terri Cole

As a therapist, I make The Desire Map required reading for clients looking to take their lives and life satisfaction to the next level. This is a genius and profoundly effective guide to actualizing your deepest desires.

Michael Bernard Beckwith Life Visioning

“With an organic elegance The Desire Map couples our primal desire-energy with the inborn intelligence of our feelings. The result? Optimizing our time on Earth. LaPorte’s joie de vivre is contagious. Prepare to catch it!”

Kris Carr Crazy Sexy Kitchen, Crazy Sexy Diet

When I sat down with The Desire Map, I immediately felt my shoulders relax. Within the first few pages I was nodding my head. I felt heard and validated. She did it. She gets it. And now everyone else can too.

I WISH that this goldmine of insight and practical guidance had been by my side over the years. I feel blessed to have Danielle in my life, and I can’t wait to see the floodgates of bliss, a-ha’s and life-changing shifts burst open as people put their Desire Map into practice.

Inspiration, innovation, and self-worth are just some of elements that Danielle LaPorte will fill you up with. The Desire Map … discusses how to make your dreams and goals come true in a realistic way. … guaranteed to wow you.

Sara Gottfried M.D

Danielle Laporte is my most compelling, vital, and climactic mentor to date. Now, I’m 45-years-young, and the list of mentors has been impressive. MIT Nobel Laureates. Superbrainy moms who are actually happy (huh?). New York Times bestsellers. UCSF thought leaders.

Yet, Danielle is the best. An inspirational speaker, former think tank exec and business strategist, Danielle is my aspirational mama warrior.

Why? Danielle is a yoga-powered champion of YOU-ness. That is… you, rocking your mission and brimming with desire. And her new book lays out the roadmap for how to rewire to desire, not stress.

Danielle talks about sacredness, entrepreneurship, and motherhood – in the same sentence – and with equal authority.

Danielle has accomplished something extraordinary.

Listen in, because this is the most crucial part to learn today: Danielle has crafted a way to configure her life that keeps her…

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Knowledge is power. Action is sexy.
Empowerment is the ultimate prescription.

Gabrielle Bernstein May Cause Miracles and Spirit Junkie

The first time I did The Desire Map, I called Danielle to say, This works! Declaring my core desired feelings uplifted my relationships and the way I work in the world. And nobody puts out poetic motivation like Danielle does. The Desire Map is a hotline to your truth.

Press for the Desire Map

The Desire Map (Part One) Renee Bell

“I am a little behind the times and have never actually listened to an audio book before – it was fan-freaking-tastic! Danielle’s voice and style of reading is divine… I have listened about 5 more times since then…”

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My Desire Map Heidi Rose Robbins

“To invite spaciousness, I am inviting myself to do LESS this year, to carve out more windows of time that are completely unscheduled. This means saying no daily, which is a huge transition for the queen of YES.”

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The Closing of The Year (or Shit Happens) Myra Young

“Let go of the yuck so it doesn’t follow you into the future.  Put some thought into how you want to feel in your life, and then go about what it takes to feel that way.  Trust the process.  Be open to surprises and detours.  Take a hot bath.  Eat, drink, and be merry.”

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More Press from Desire Mappers

Desire Mapping Leahanne Fox

“The best part of it all, is I am getting to dive with one of my beloved friends… It is so special doing this work with a friend to reflect with while drinking tea or spiced cider, and I can’t wait for future collaborative mapping sessions.”

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Desire Mapping as a World-Expanding Experience Linda Edgerton

“One of the most joyful aspects of working through The Desire Map was learning how the choices I’ve made have usually been in close alignment to my values and how I wanted to feel at the time. Naming my core desired feelings was comforting and life-affirming….”

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Desire Kat Loterzo

“If you acknowledge the concept of creating your own reality, you must also acknowledge that the way you go about that creating is very much up to you….”

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Tripping on Desire: Viewing Life Through New Lenses Tara Bliss

“Every word really is its own planet, so with this in mind, please allow me to walk you through the jungle that is my brain, as we uncover my Core Desire Feelings, what they mean to me, and what I need to do this year to experience them….”

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Patience & letting go (a new way of being) Corrine Bowen

“I’m not my job (although I’m grateful for it and I love it), my worth isn’t attached to the next thing I publish, and my value doesn’t depend on what someone else thinks of my productivity or what kind of mother/wife/friend I am. I’m just here to be a human being.”

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The Desire Map (Part Two) Renee Bell

“I want [need] to understand aspects of my health that have alluded me till now. I want [need] to stop being so rushed from place to place and task to task. I want [need] more time to relax and enjoy life.”

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Beauty Tuesday: On William Blake, Desire Mapping, and Pinterest Lauren Bacon

“I’ve also started a Pinterest board for each, with an eye to assembling a set of visual cues that will help me tap into those feelings whenever I need to. If you’re Desire Mapping, consider doing the same. They are works in progress, but already they are inspiring me with their wordless dimensionality.”

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For 2013, I’ll trade a Paris Trip if I Can FEEL Happy and Confident Instead Dennisse Lisseth

“This is one of the best books on personal growth I have ever read. It actually didn’t even feel like a typical book. Instead it felt like therapy. It was the therapy I’ve been needing but didn’t know I was in need of.”

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Getting Real on How You Want to Feel Vicki Melo

“If you want more guidance or want to take this practice deeper into your life, I highly suggest getting your hands on a copy of The Desire Map. You won’t regret it.”

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Mapping my Desire Tara Watkins

“On her birthday, like the glorious grounded gracious rock star that she is, Danielle offered the Desire Map up at a “pay what you can” rate. I paid what I could…and now? Now, I’m desire mapping.”

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I've been Playing with Scissors Shelly Dockins Kocan

“I’ve been working through The Desire Map, sifting through feelings, trying to find which ones really make my heart sing.  I’m still in progress with them but these are what I’m sitting with for the time being…”

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