What do you trust? An exercise for strength and mind-cooling.

1556W-What do you trust? An exercise for strength and mind-cooling.@2x
Before a big gig or a super-charged opportunity I do a trust ritual with myself.

I started doing it on airplanes to cool my mind down after my strategic wheels had been in overdrive.

Often we’re so busy trying to get our endorphins fired up to go get ‘em!, we can forget that simply feeling comforted is a very powerful — and useful state of being.

This week’s DESIRE MAP FOR LIFE prompt:

Create a “What I Trust” List. Instagram it with #DesireMap, post on your Facebook, or jot it in your day planner… just remember that your heart knows what it knows.

I trust my love for my lover … I trust how much my mom loves me … I trust that my guides are watching out for me … I trust that he’ll be there when I call … I trust that there’s always another idea … I trust that the money will come … I trust that I can rely on my friends … I trust my body will respond to treatment …


  1. Write it out.

The movement, hand to vision, will help your psyche to really take in the comfort. Imagine that your mind is like a lung, inhaling and exhaling as you account for all that you know to be true. If you’re an audio-learner, speak it out. Leave yourself a voicemail, or record a voice-memo on your mobile, or talk to yourself. Kindly.

  1. Focus on the present.

The whole point of this exercise is to access the trust that already lives in your being. Unwavering. True for you. It’s not about generating new trust, or visualizing outcomes, or affirming your way into positive thinking. We’re concentrating on the now that is already working.

2. Stream your consciousness.

Just let it pour out—but, again, don’t include things on your list that you don’t fully trust in. It’s okay if your list is short—brevity is better than bravado. It could be one word if that’s what feels true. It could be six pages if that’s what’s real for you.

3. Be really obvious if you need to be.

Nothing is too great or too small to put your trust in. Sometimes the most basic and primal things will give you a boost, especially if you’re finding it difficult to think of things that you fully trust in.

I trust my next breath will keep coming . . . I trust the sun will rise tomorrow . . . I trust Sparky will be wagging his tail when I walk in the door . . . I trust that the snow will melt . . .

Trust now. Trust in The Now. Consciously access what you know to be positively true. And that sureness will help you strengthen the bridge you’re building to what’s next.

In trust,


PS. Buzz it out.

I’m doing the #DesireMap “What I Trust” list from @DanielleLaPorte Who’s in with me?



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