The Desire Map Planner From Danielle LaPorte 2019 Undated Edition (Gold and White)


The Desire Map Planner From Danielle LaPorte 2019 Undated Edition (Gold and White)

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Everything you create starts with an intention—and The Desire Map Planner is a tool for your intentionality. It’s equal parts introspection, life designer, gratitude journal, and scheduler. It’s a holistic system to help you design a life that reflects your true desires.

This is the only planner around with a companion program to help you get clarity on how you want to feel—your Core Desired Feelings—AND make a mindful plan to achieve it. The Desire Map Planner Program comes with the purchase of every planner. Here’s how it works:

  • FREE & CLEAR | Workbook 1: Get grounded before you set goals and intentions. Examine your strengths and delights, then say goodbye to what’s really not working for you.
  • CORE DESIRED FEELINGS | Workbook 2: Generate a vision for a life that’s aligned with how you really want to feel.
  • GOALS WITH SOUL | Workbook 3: Choose intentions that feel authentic to you—in sync with your Core Desired Feelings.

...and because Desire Mapping is a lifestyle practice, you’ll receive weekly guidance and a monthly workbook (by email) to keep you supported and present with your Core Desired Feelings and intentions.

The UNDATED planner is perfect for those who want the ultimate freedom. Because it’s date-free, you can start it on your birthday, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Rosh Hashanah, January 1st, September 1st… whatever feels like YOUR New Year. This Soul-centered planning system is for seekers who want a life with more meaningfulness, and courage, and devotion to the sacred—where your heart meets your head, and your Soul directs your goals.

Product details:

NEW Digital Support Program

The Desire Map Planner Program ($45 value) comes free with your planner. It includes:

  • A Planner User’s Guide that teaches you how to use your new planner.
  • 3 workbooks to help you identify your Core Desired Feelings and create true-to-you intentions:
    • FREE & CLEAR | Workbook 1
    • CORE DESIRED FEELINGS | Workbook 2
    • GOALS WITH SOUL | Workbook 3
  • Encouraging weekly emails and monthly workbooks to keep you rooted and motivated throughout the year.

Undated Pages

This undated edition means that you can start (or gift) this planner at any point in the year, entering in your own dates as you go. Its layout allows you to look at your week over a two-page spread, so you can plan with a bird’s eye view. It’s sprinkled with #truthbombs and also has space for your Core Desired Feelings and daily to-do’s.

Weekend Reflections

This planner also has a deep End-of-Week Check-in with unique soul prompts from Danielle—space to reflect on achievements, gratitude, things you want to change, and the relationships you want to nurture. (Because connection is everything.)

Limited Edition Cover

This planner line features original cover art from artist Marta Spendowska. This sensual design was created exclusively for this planner and is only available while quantities last.

Start Desire Mapping Right Away!

Crack open The Desire Map Planner Program—your purchase gives you instant access—while you stalk your mail carrier. Use the 3 foundational workbooks (FREE & CLEAR, CORE DESIRED FEELINGS, and GOALS WITH SOUL) to tune into how you most want to feel… and create your master plan to achieve that. And when you’re ready, we can start sending you weekly (email) support as soon as November 1, 2018! You just let us know when you want the extra love to start.

  • Undated—start at any time of year
  • Daily inspiration statements and soulful to-do lists
  • 12 Blank Calendar Spreads so you can view your year at-a-glance
  • NEW Printable 2-Page Astrology Guide for 2019

Product specs:

  • Undated
  • Hardcover
  • Gold coil bound (REACH Certified)
  • Elastic closure band
  • Indented tabs
  • Handy inside back pocket
  • Perforated corners
  • 100g woodfree FSC-certified stock (uncoated)
  • Page Count: 248
  • Dimensions: height – 8.5″, width – 6.75″
  • ISBN: 978-1-7321514-2-0

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