The Desire Map Planner From Danielle LaPorte 2019 Weekly Printable


The Desire Map Planner From Danielle LaPorte 2019 Weekly Printable

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Everything you create starts with an intention—and The Desire Map Planner is a tool for your intentionality. It’s equal parts introspection, life designer, gratitude journal, and scheduler. It’s a holistic system to help you design a life that reflects your true desires.

This is the only planner around with a companion program to help you get clarity on how you want to feel—your Core Desired Feelings—AND make a mindful plan to achieve it. The Desire Map Planner Program comes with the purchase of every planner. Here’s how it works:

  • FREE & CLEAR | Workbook 1: Get grounded before you set goals and intentions. Examine your strengths and delights, then say goodbye to what’s really not working for you.
  • CORE DESIRED FEELINGS | Workbook 2: Generate a vision for a life that’s aligned with how you really want to feel.
  • GOALS WITH SOUL | Workbook 3: Choose intentions that feel authentic to you—in sync with your Core Desired Feelings.

...and because Desire Mapping is a lifestyle practice, you’ll receive weekly guidance and a monthly workbook (by email) to keep you supported and present with your Core Desired Feelings and intentions.

The WEEKLY PRINTABLE Planner is easy to print at home or at your local print shop. If you tend towards big-picture thinking and want to see all your great plans at a glance, this WEEKLY edition is the perfect version for you.

This Soul-centered planning system is for seekers who want a life with more meaningfulness, and courage, and devotion to the sacred—where your heart meets your head, and your Soul directs your goals.

Product details:

NEW Digital Support Program

The Desire Map Planner Program ($45 value) comes free with your planner. It includes:

  • A Planner User’s Guide that teaches you how to use your new planner.
  • 3 workbooks to help you identify your Core Desired Feelings and create true-to-you intentions:
    • FREE & CLEAR | Workbook 1
    • CORE DESIRED FEELINGS | Workbook 2
    • GOALS WITH SOUL | Workbook 3
  • Encouraging weekly emails and monthly workbooks to keep you rooted and motivated throughout the year.

Printing Your Desire Map Planner

Easy to print in full colour or grayscale, and formattable for A4/US Letter dimensions. You can print single or double-sided. (We recommend printing double-sided, for Mother Earth!) We also included lots of margin space so you can hole punch and bind together.

Weekly Pages

Take a look at your week over a two-page spread, so you can plan with a bird’s eye view. It’s sprinkled with #truthbombs and also has space for your Core Desired Feelings and daily to-do’s.

Weekend Reflections

This planner also has a deep End-of-Week Check-in with unique soul prompts from Danielle—space to reflect on achievements, gratitude, things you want to change, and the relationships you want to nurture. (Because connection is everything.)

Monthly Clarity

When a new month begins, you’ll reconnect with your Core Desired Feelings and your goals & intentions. Each month asks you to reflect on what’s working and what might need to shift, so that you can start the next month with more clarity and energy.

  • US, CAD, and AUS holidays
  • Daily inspiration statements and soulful to-do lists
  • NEW 2-Page Astrology Guide

Product specs:

  • Calendar Year 2019
  • Page Count: 273
  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 11”
  • Paper size options: US letter (default), A4



The Desire Map changed my life

I cannot acknowledge the planner before I mention how much The Desire Map changed my life. It got me through one of the most challenging times I’ve ever experienced. My husband just left, I was unemployed, and feeling numb to everything. I realized that most of my life I lived in the grey, in the shadows of other people. So much so I never even thought about my own desires. The book changed my life on an emotional, spiritual, and mental level so much and the planner makes things LAND IN. It’s a constant reminder, which I think is important when we are learning to know and love ourselves.

Rachele K, British Columbia


It injected magic into my life

I started using the planner this year because it was my “year of change”. I am a stay at home mom of three who’s days can be quite busy. Too busy to take care of myself. When I purchased The Desire Map Planner, I was 567 pounds. I could not believe I had let my weight get that out of control. Danielle’s planner helped me in many ways. For the first time, I realized I needed to take care of myself. Make time for myself. It injected magic into my life. I use the planner to write down and organize all areas of my life. I started my weight loss journey December 26th 2017 at 567 and I am now 513 with a bullet. I credit the planner for helping me meet and exceed my goals.

Stella M


The weekly planner is by far the best!

I have used Danielle LaPorte’s Daily and Weekly Planners for the past few years and this Weekly Planner is by far the best. Not only is it gorgeous, but it allows you to guide and direct your life by your feelings and allows you space to dream and plan for your weeks ahead. The planner starts with giving you space to identify your core desired feelings for the week and also includes “soul prompts” and “gratitude” journaling space while also giving you room to write your daily “to do” list. Like everything Danielle does, this is top notch and a beautiful way to carry your feelings, dreams, reflections, and to-do lists everywhere you go! I love love love it!

Lisa Fraley


It’s been a game-changer

I was gifted a Desire Map Planner from a friend last year and it’s been a game-changer for me, it has let me bring in more dreaming-thinking-feeling feminine energy back into my very masculine-energy I use in work. I’ve felt a sense of release from stress by being closer to my own feelings and dreams. pushing myself to grow and expand, becoming more abundant.

Bailey Frumen


The planner is one of my most-used tools

I bought the very first Desire Map Planner, posted about it in the Desire Map facebook group, and found an “accountability partner” (read: Internet stranger) with whom I agreed to check in on a daily/weekly basis to see how the “planning” was going. We began sending emails in 2013. Today, Jadyn is one of my best friends, and the planner is one of my most-used tools. We still email back and forth almost every day and reflect on how we plan to integrate our core desired feelings into our lives, taken directly from the Desire Map planner. I’m Type-A, therefore put onto this planet for planners, and adore your system more than any other.

Annika Erickson-Pearson